What is Arsenal’s Plan?

Gunners fans the world over are asking the question, what is Arsenal’s plan? Or is there even one in place? To many fans it may seem that there is a plan and that surely Wenger has something up his sleeve, but that could just be the Faith talking….

At the end of last season Gunners fans were distraught at what turned out to be a massive let down to a year that promised so much. But as Gunners fans do we lifted our heads and stated those two phrases that have become part of our everyday lives, “in Arsene we trust”, “Keep the Faith” and we looked to this transfer window as a chance when we would get rid of all those useless players and bring in some quality signings. None of that however has happened yet, we have told Rosicky(possibly the worst player for me last season) that he is going nowhere, Almuina, Squillaci, Denilson and Bendtner remain at the club, and no signings to make rivals tremble have entered our doors.

You may say that it is early days, but if we look at Man United, Fergie has already made 3 solid signings and has let a lot of their weak links go. Sunderland has signed Wes Brown and John O’Shea, showing that Fergie is making the space for these quality signings. This is the kind of thing I expected to see from Arsene Wenger  as I surely thought now he was fed up with coming so close to silverware, but to be let down by some of the weaker players in the squad. It seems however with Wenger making statements like “we only need one or two signings” that this will not be the case. I have started to wonder if there is even a plan in place or if the board have even given Arsene a cent to spend.

All we can do as Gunners fans is wait, but one thing is sure is that if we do not see progress soon, that waiting will turn into a movement that could land the board in hot water. This could prove to be a make or break season for Wenger, despite what he thinks his current crop of players (bearing in mind we may lose Fabregas and Nasri) are not good enough to win the league, we need quality signings. I only hope he pulls his head out the ground quick…..all we can do is Keep the Faith.


  1. You have got to be patient,have you seen one player change clubs that would seriously help us?
    All the post season talk was of Cahill,Parker,Samba, Metsaker,Mata,maybe Drogba all are stil available if wanted,no one has beaten us to a genuine target,MC Chelsea and Spurs have not remotely busy, We are just as close in the race as ever,

  2. keep the Faith my man, its one thing when I see one of my favorite blogs losing faith. I have the same concerns as you but I just think Wenger will come through for us