In Arsenal we Trust

Arsenal was gunning down trophies before Francesc Fabregas Soler and Samir Nasri ever joined. One by one form the Premier League, League cup and FA cup. Quite a number. In 2006, we had an unsettled player in our ranks, Thierry Henry. I swear to you I thought we’d hit rock bottom when he left. But funny enough, we’ve managed Champion’s League football all those years. Henry on the other hand, super as he was at Arsenal, went on to be a bench warmer at the mighty Barcelona, albeit he won some silverware… on the bench. A year prior to his transfer, the star gunner was only glimpses of what we knew him to be, and shades of the past were all we witnessed at the Emirates.

Holding on to Cesc Fabregas is possible, physically, but inevitably, He has to go where his heart lies. Seeing people like Lionel Messi and other La Masia players of his time excel and making history must be so hurting. When in three years, his fellow mates have won close to ten; he hasn’t tasted a single trophy in six years, well, apart From Euro and World cup. In layman terms, peer pressure, a lot of it. Cesc Fabregas, just like David Villa said, deserves to be part of that team making history in the world. He is part of them, he is great like them, prolific and excellent well enough to break into the team and probably shine like Xavi has. It isn’t any help holding on to a player who despite being an Arsenal Captain, belongs to Barcelona.

Samir Nasri is discontented, probably at his playing position. Central midfield is his place. That place where he can orchestrate those creative moves and defense wrecking touches, same position where Cesc Fabregas has excelled and owned. If that is the case, then I suggest, sell Fabregas, whose move to Barcelona is always going to come. Then let’s give Samir a chance at that same place and see his prowess, because sure he won’t disappoint. But there might be another perspective to the imbalance. Maybe Samir left Marseille in 2008 hoping to be the name to bring silverware in Arsenal’s cabinet. Maybe he hoped to be the Thierry Henry of this time. He thirsts for glory, because he probably has achieved perfection in his art, and now wants it decorated by a medal. Well if this is the case, then Samir should soon be allowed to achieve his dream. I’m a gunner and come on, HE SHOULD NOT GO TO UNITED! Maybe to Bayern Munich or those Italian and Spanish sides that wants him. And if it is silverware that ails his heart this much, to an extent that many feel he’s holding the whole club at ransom… then we don’t need half hearted goons I think.

I trust in Arsene and Arsenal, and not in a player. They can be replaced, always. Arsene once gave us the mighty dream collection. We had the strength and maturity of Tony Adams, the solidity of Lee Dixon, fortitude in Ray Parlour, intimidating size in Vieira, slick style in Ljumberg, class in Bergkamp and perfection in Thierry. All a collection of Arsene Wenger. I agree with Wright that currently, everything seems very wrong with our signings. Maybe it’s the money or something. I wouldn’t however put anything past Wenger. I still give him a chance to make Arsenal invincible. Don’t worry about Manchester City, they’ll sign everyone including me and you, but it’ll take another 46 years to win anything meaningful. Money is not the solution. Look at this, boosting the back line with Samba/ Cahill… Giving speed to the left wing, probably with Juan Mata, Speed at centre mid with Alex Oxlade, reinforcing the already perfect attack by adding in Gervinho… I guess that’s all we need; five signings and we’re good to go.

And if it’s the money, selling Cesc at 35mills will solve a lot, if not all of it... Check this out:

· Gervinho 11million

· Cahill 17 million

· Samba 12 million

TOTAL 40 million…

Then add some of the money that was already set aside for transfers, plus the cash we get when we sell Denilson, maybe Nasri , Almunia, Bendtner and Andrey…

Folks, it’s always important to be realistic, and as well optimistic. Let’s hope that this time Arsene brings us something to the Emirates because now it’s just do or die for some of us… coz we’re diehards.

GuestBlogger: Irvin John Jalang’o
Twitter : @jalangodhis

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