So what’s Arsenal’s next Move?

So its official last night saw Clichy become the first high profile player to leave Arsenal (tears, tears). The buzz on Twitter was huge after the signing and Arsenal fans for the majority were hurling abuse the way of Clichy and his representatives. This couldn’t have been helped uncovering a statement that Clichy said in 2009 “I really believe if you are a player who thinks only about money then you could end up at Manchester City” , so maybe Clichy was telling us why he left.

To be fair even myself, once I calmed down I realized that Clichy had been with us for 8 years and he has been a good servant to Arsenal. And this was seen on Twitter as well, fans and blogs started wishing him well and all the best for the future. 8 years is a long time to stay loyal and Clichy was always one of my favorite players. That doesn’t mean that a little bit of me s not hoping that his discussion come back to bite him….after all Arsenal comes first.

The problem is his agent represents Samir Nasri, Fabregas and Van Persie as well, so in my opinion here is the root of the problem. The amount of money that he will make if all his players move to new clubs is astounding, so why wouldn’t he try and make them move. So we could very well see more rumors and possible departures.

But what now for the Guns, if I were Arsene Wenger, I would need to make a quick move and at least sign one player as soon as possible. The squad and Fans need to know Arsene has a plan (I have no doubt he does, but it’s good to show he does), Arsene needs to make sure there is not a sudden panic and players agents move in to cause trouble. So for me sign Gervinho, Samba or Cahill as soon as possible, I know it’s not Arsene’s way, but maybe be a bit adventurous and spend some coin. If Arsene does this I have faith that he will be able to steady a rocky ship at Arsenal and move forward with confidence and ambition that all players need to see.

So in Arsene we Trust, but we do need to see some moves, and soon. Money Bags City and United have made their moves, now it’s our turn…Keep the Faith…..

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  1. Arsenal need to make a signing neeeooooow