Is it a Depressing Time to be an Arsenal Fan?

It seems that in these times of Transfer rumors that for an Arsenal fan, happy times are hard to find. Clichy left on Monday, and now Ricardo Alvarez who was supposed to have basically signed for Arsenal is now reported to have signed for Inter Milan. Now I don’t know what to say about that, that a sure signing can suddenly disappear, if that doesn’t irritate you I don’t know what will, Arsenal have let a signing who stated his desire to play for us amount to nothing. Fabregas and Nasri still on the verge of leaving and still no signings (Jenkinson doesn’t count) to make us smile, but let’s try and see the positives out of this…

Ever a keeper of the Faith, I can try to look for that light in the dark. So Alvarez was a sure thing, but now has gone to Inter, this just shows that you cannot believe rumors. Sure some of them come true (otherwise Clichy would still be with us), but for the majority, it’s just a lonely bunch of reporters who need to produce a news story or the more likely those demons, that we call agents, spreading slander at every opportunity. So maybe Fabregas and Nasri will stay, maybe we will sign 5 quality players, we don’t really know, because you cannot know what to believe. It might be fun to listen to the gossip, but in the end most of it is a pile of rubbish. In these depressing times, us Gunners can look through the mist of sadness and hold our heads high, after all, we are fans of the greatest club in the World, and now all we need to do is show it.

On a ending note a rumor yes, but Gervinho has been spotted in London (Could be a rumor again) and that he will sign by week’s end. That would be nice to lighten the mood, but remember….Keep the Faith..

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