If Rumors could Kill

If all these rumors we are hearing could kill, every single one of us Arsenal fans would have suffered from terrible heart attacks and died in extreme pain. Late last night and this morning have seen the rumors become ridiculous and at this rate by the end of the week, every single Arsenal player will be on their way out of the Emirates and all Arsene Wenger and Pat Rice will be left to coach is our one signing Carl Jenkinson…so just what are these rumors?

Well its now, the crazy world of rumors has thrown up that the mighty Robin Van Persie wants to quit Arsenal if we do not keep our big guns. Then there is the rumor that Theo Walcott is wanted by Chelsea and he too is ready to quit Arsenal.

What do I have to say with regards to these two new pearlers that have come through to us is, what a load of rubbish, if these are true I will through all my credibility that I have as knowing anything about Arsenal up in the air. We all know that Robin “the VP” Persie loves Arsenal and has recently shown his support for the club, stating that playing for anyone else “would just not feel right”. He has also been in the press recently for slamming other clubs and players as he shows his blood is Red and White, so I am sure you will agree with me that this is a stretch (probably a Caughtoffside rumor).

As for Theo, come on! To Chelsea, who started this rumor? Sometimes I think sites like Caughtoffside wake up and pull names out of a hat, then pull a club out of another hat and there is their rumor for the day. Theo is loyal in my eyes, Arsenal have stuck by him and he is growing with Arsenal, I do not think he will leave his blood is also red and white.

So as far as all the others go with regards to signing Doyle for 12 million, I don’t think that is true either, but its seems anyone can create a rumor these days. I think I might just create an elaborate rumor soon and see what happens; Caughtoffside will probably run it as a breaking story.

All we can do is wait and see what comes out of the madness that is the transfer window, I do not envy Wenger and I hope he can pull off some miracles and keep all our players, until then Keep the Faith…..


  1. Caught Offside really does write some rubbish

  2. Haha yes yes make a rumor it will be great, a good one though