Looking at the Positives…

It seems as us Gunners we need a bit of good news since we have been looking at the ground lately kicking the dirt or if you are like me have been shaking your fist to the heavens, blaming the footballing gods for all this misfortune. But it seems in these times of uncertainty there is some light shining through….

Gervinho was reported to have had a medical at Arsenal yesterday; this is good news for us as we have had nothing but upsetting news for a while. The Ivorian striker is a great fit to Arsenal and I can’t wait for this to be confirmed.

In more news Owen Coyle has given Arsenal a 10 day deadline to sign Gary Cahill. This may scare some of you Gunners as now you think that Arsenal is blowing another signing. But I see it as an opportunity, Arsenal need a defender and a quality one at that. Cahill is just that, he is everything we need in a defender and this might just be what Arsene Wenger needs to get that fire started under him. It has been reported that we have offered Vela as a part deal to try and bring down the 17 million asking price, but let’s be serious, who wants Vela at the moment.

Bolton will hold out for the 17 million pounds I feel as they are reported to have debts of over £93m, so I don’t think offering them a player will cut it. I only hope that Arsenal don’t think this is to high and try haggle them too much, otherwise Money bags City could swoop just because they can. I am looking at this in a positive light and when Gervinho signs surely things will get better…..Keep the Faith.

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