5 Reasons why Arsenal Must Sign Gary Cahill

Most football fans, Arsenal fans or not will know that Gary Cahill is a good fit for the Gunners. With Bolton giving Arsenal a deadline to make the signing there is all the more urgency to make a move for the player, here are 5 more reasons why Arsenal must sign Gary Cahill.

1. Need a Defender

We all know that Arsenal’s defense is about as reliable as Ryan Giggs fidelity and this is the most obvious point to everyone. With Arsenal once again showing defensive frailties in all departments last season it is clear that now Arsene Wenger needs to do something. Arsenal need a quality defender and Cahill is just that, the capturing of this single player would go a long way in strengthening the Arsenal team.

2. Need to show intent

With rumors everyday of more players getting ready to depart, Arsenal need to show some intent. The current group of players want to see Arsenal showing ambition and that they plan to challenge for titles, bring in a class player like Cahill will help ensure that players realize this.

3. He is a leader

No one will doubt that at Bolton the Englishman Cahill is a leader, but more to the point he is a defensive leader. He showed last season that he is able to marshal a defense against the toughest of opponents and more importantly has a cool head under pressure (we all remember the Carling Cup final). That leadership is something that will not only benefit the defense but the team as a whole.

4. Partner for Vermaelen

Thomas Vermaelen’s injury was a real blow for Arsenal last season and there is no doubt that he would have started in defense and things may not have been so bad for the Gunners. The Belgium Warrior is now back, but is lacking a worthy partner. Djourou did remarkably well last season for a player who has suffered injuries most of his Arsenal career. He still however has a lot to learn and made vital mistakes that cost Arsenal. Koscielny was never meant to feature so much this season and I have faith he will only improve for Arsenal. So Cahill is needed and would be the perfect partner for Vermaelen at the back in cementing the Arsenal defense.

5. For the Fans

Lastly we need Cahill , we the fans need something to smile about. With Arsenal fans getting agitated at the lack of signings and players looking to the exit doors, the board would be wise to provide the transfer fees. In these times of darkness Cahill would do a lot to clear the rain clouds that are sitting over our heads and ensure that us fans see the ambition of a club we all know to be great.


  1. Yeah he would be a buy, trouble is he cant lace Vidic,Terry's Dawson or Ferdinands boots.Man U have passed him up for both there last centre half purchases,dispite him being on the doorstep,if you want the club to stand stil, buy Cahill at an overpriced £17mill if you want to progress we must aim higher.

  2. Cahill is a quality signing....He is better than Ferdinand

  3. wenger should borrow some money off the boards to buy jagielka,cahill,hazard, lukaku or benzema he will pay them back when he sells nasri cesc bender scilaci diabi n ebue