Just a recap, and some surprises…

Still no solid news of any signings besides Carl Jenkinson, when will we see any I do not know for sure. As far as the trio who were reportedly on their way out, Fabregas no more news apart from what we’ve all heard, sources say Nasri believes he must leave Arsenal if he wants to win trophies. Well that is absolute rubbish I am getting tired of hearing Nasri’s moaning he is no great (yet) so maybe he should just go. As far as Clichy goes he is reportedly going to make the journey to Eastlands for a medical, where he could sign this week…

But as rumors go, I will only believe when I see it, especially with regards to Nasri and Fabregas. Money bags city seems that they just like to throw around money and get what they want. But what can us fans expect if the board will not give the money that Arsene needs to pay the wages that some of our players are demanding.

What’s a new turn of events is that Aston Villa midfielder Stewart Downing is reportedly about to be subject to a £20 million bid from Arsenal, according to The Daily Mirror. First of all do Arsenal even want him, he is an Englishman and no doubt he is a good player, but I do not think he is Arsenal calibre. The next point is that Liverpool are close to signing him, and unless Arsene Wenger has a plan in the bag to get him on the cheap I don’t think the Daily Mail has this right. Lastly £20 million, come on Wenger would never spend that much, least of all on a player like Downing. So I don’t think that this rumour is true at all.

It seems that rumours will continue to rule the news, until we can actually see the official signings. Nasri is making me furious, but what can be done, guess we just have to wait for the meeting on Monday with Wenger and see what the outcome is. Keep the Faith…..

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