What’s in a rumour?

We have heard so many rumors we really don’t know what is 100 percent sure. I’m sure there are many of you that are tired of these rumors, so what do we really know?

Well what we know is that Clichy is going to leave Arsenal for another club, but probably not an English club (even with the rumors I’m sure Wenger would fight this) unless Man City offer us mad money like they did with Toure and Adebayor. It seems like no one wants Denilson or Bendtner (no wonder there) unless they take a huge pay cut. Arsene has told Rosicky he is going nowhere (probably an attempt to please Fabregas, they are good mates after all) so we will see him next season. We are probably in the final negotiation phases with Gervinho and have made an offer for the mighty Cahill. What we also know is that Blackburn require more money if we are going to acquire Samba.

As far as Fabregas goes your guess is as good as mine, if you just Google the story or switch on the sports news, there are 101 rumors and sources, so only those involved really know. Samir “money grabber” Nasri is set to fly into London on Monday and have a du or die meeting with Arsene Wenger, and then we will know his fate. I am sure even if he refuses to sign Wenger will do all in his power to prevent a move to a rival.

Come the first day of training and more so when the team is due to leave on their Asian tour, we will probably more or less know who is still with us, until then there will continue to be rumors that will drive us wild. All we can do is wait, know the facts and Keep the Faith……

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