Who is Your Player of the Season?

So this season has seen many players come to the party to make this years title race the most exciting it has ever been with 5 clubs really putting up a fight. As it stands now there are probably only 2 in the race being Man United and Arsenal, but Chelsea have an outside chance after a turn around of that piss poor form.
Man City and Spurs could still be in the Hunt but lets be serious these teams have less BMT than Arsenal at the moment, and Arsenal have more chance of winning the treble then Spurs do of winning the league.

So onto who is the Player of the Season....well at the half way point of the season I had a pick of 5 that has more or less kept the same save one or two. Johan Elmander for Bolton, Carlos Tevez for Man City, Samir Nasri for Arsenal (my pick, not that I'm Biased), Rafael van der Vaart for Spurs and Nani for Man United. How my selection has changed is that I would have to say although Elmander's performances have been solid he has not retained that spur of class that kept him running with the big boys, but big credit to him. Rafael Van der Vaart started like no one else would have thought and was racking up rave reviews faster than Charlie Sheen goes through a bottle of whiskey. But the Dutchman has been hit by injuries and has not really found that form that saw him firing on all cylinders. 

So who replaces these men, well for me and it pains me to say so is that Berbatov (that greasy Manc) will need a mention as he has racked up 19 goals this season and tops the goal scorers list. Vidic needs to be added for he is truly a player of class as he has definitely  made, in my opinion, a poor looking Man United (player depth wise) look like title winners. He has been rock solid and makes that clown Rio Ferdinand look like a quality defender, so Vidic is a definite inclusion for me. We could even add Bale just for the revelation that he has been this year for Tottenham with his Jet shoes and ability to turn a game even I that hater of all that is Spurs have to give him a tick. 
So then Tevez, Nani and Nasri make up my picks, Tevez is the talisman of Man City and has been the man that they turn to when they need a victory and with 17 Premier league goals to his name he is a top contender. Nani apart from already being contacted by major Hollywood Studios for his cry on cue abilities, he has despite my hatred for him been able to make defenders tremble as he goes on his skill displaying runs so I guess I have to give him a Spot on the list.
Now Samir Nasri what a man what a player, hailed the next Zidane, Arsenal fans likely find it difficult to take any positives from the injuries suffered by captain Cesc Fabregas this season. However there has been one piece of good news: Samir Nasri has stepped out of the Fabs shadow signed from Marseille 2 years ago , Nasri has always had potential. But while he commanded central midfield and pulled the strings at Marseille, at Arsenal he found his superior in Fabregas. The Spaniard's excellence resulted in Nasri being shunted out to the wings. However with Fabregas now injured, much of the playmaking and goalscoring responsibility has fallen to Nasri and he has not disappointed. So for me it is the Naz he is the game changer that has kept us going and I hope he will rediscover his goal scoring touch and take home the league title and player of the year as well. 
To end this off Jack Wilshere has to be a shoe in for young player of the year his consistent performances and touches of brilliance have kept Arsenal fans happy in times of sadness, as far as that clown Mario Balotelli his attitude is enough to make Man City fans agree that Jack is the man.

Post your comment on who you think is Player and young player of the year. 


  1. As a liverpool fan immediately thought, this is bollocks, no Liverpool players mentioned. But then when i thought about it, i struggled to think of a player that has stood out throughout the season? Even our generally most consistent Pepe Reina, has been a bit inconsistent. Perhaps since the second coming of the King, Raul Meireles has really stood out as a top player, and possibly deserves a bit of a shout out. Gerrard and Kuyt have also chipped in with some crucial performances too.

    Liverpool aside I would have to agree with you that Tevez has been outstanding for City, as well as Nasri for Arsenal, altho both have fairly recently had a dip in form. I would have to disagree on Berbatov tho, its no secret i can stand the twat, but bias aside he has not been consistent enough for me to warrant a player of the year honour, taking nothing away from a great achievement of 19 goals this season.
    But someone who has not been mentioned who i think definately deserves to be considered, is Blackpools very own Charlie Adam, who has undoubtably been one of the most consistent players of the season, and if Blackpool stay up, i definately think he deserves to be in contention, and quite honestly hope Kenny does the business in the summer to bring him to Anfield.

    As for the youngsters, i fully agree with Wilshere being in contention. I dont like a hell of a lot of Arsenal players, but i am definitely a fan of Wilshere's, and as far as i am concerned that sulking twat Balotelli should not even be considered. Speaking as a Liverpool fan, i dont think many can argue that our very own Martin Kelly has really showed some great potential, and i cant not think of any instances where he has put a foot wrong. Also, lets not forget about Andy Carrol, he quite single handedly won a few games for Newcastle, he got his first england call up, and if he finishes strongly for Liverpool, he should definitely be in with a shout.

    Dave Smith

  2. Haha I can see you are friends with Lee....I back Liverpool always have (will admit I have laughed at them this season tho)Raul Meireles could not agree more, sinceking kenny he has stepped up to the plate. I Always rate Kuyt and the engine and heart in Liverpool, But for me Gerrard as been par and needs to up his game. kelly huge fan and as for the most expensive english player cant argue there, but needs to prove his worth.
    As for Adam, you know what talk about an underdog but why not lets throw him in the Mix I agree with that.....Liverpool need to sell some drift wood tho and my worst player for you guys in Maxi Hands down

  3. Davo, good post...but i have to agree with Cale, Meirles has picked up his game (probably because he is allowed past the half way line now by Kenny), but he has not been consistent enough the whole season. Gerrard needs to up his game and Kuyte, well always a good player, but is not the go-to guy for pool so maybe he has suffered as a result of inconsistent team form.

    Carroll would probably be the top goal scorer if he didnt get injured, i dont have a doubt about it. Newcastle miss him. He will be great for pool when he gets his fitness back... So i would put him in contention, but think the 5 Real Stand out players have to be Vidic, Nasri, tevez, Nani and Adem.

    Van der Vaart has probably been the signing of the season (11 million i think?) and has changed Spurs this season. My problem with him is that he has not been as good since his injury. Bale has been great too, but has been so injury prone, and has missed a lot of games. I like Charlie Adam a lot. I would say he is right up there in contention. He could be the answer for Liverpool in the centre of midfield if Gerrard is not going to play deeper, but who does he replace without upsetting a natural balance to the team?
    Berbatov should not be mentioned. His goals make people think he has had a good season, but his inconsistency and lack of BMT rules him out for me.

    I feel that if United go all the way and continue to show the fighting spirit our captain leads by, then I feel he will edge it above the rest because he has really inspired a team that have looked average at times. He has also done this consistently.
    I feel that if arsenal win the league and Nasri continues to show his silky skills then he might pip the dedicated Serb to the Gong.

    As far as the young player of the year goes, i would have to say Wilshire wins hands down (unless they feel Bale and Carroll fall into this category?) but i would say he will be followed martin Kelly at liverpool (who i personally think is their player of the season - great prospect), Chris Smalling who at 20 has shown great composure and quality for his age in the big games. I even felt he was man United's best player against Liverpool when Utd got thumped.
    David Luiz might have a shout for it, but he has missed half the season. He is only 21. he looks a great player already, and looks to be a big part player in the Chelsea revival in the 2nd part of the season. He is going to be a top quality player.
    I agree with Dave on Balotelli. He is a complete waste of talent and should not get a mention. He is a disgrace to professional football.

  4. I won't have much to add onto all you guys, have to agree with a lot of what you have said. I think Van Der Vaart is a contender depending on injuries from now until the end of the season. He has ten goals on top of Nasri’s nine for the season and having six assists compared to the Arsenal man’s one. So he is one to look at!

    My pick would have to be Nani, Tevez, Adam, Vidic, Nasri and Kevin Nolan. I think he plays such a pivotal role in Newcastle and although the others mentioned may have the ascendancy to him. I think he does deserve to be in contention.

    Another player I think that has gone fairly unnoticed the entire season is Scott Parker, his intelligent partnership with West Ham youth product Mark Noble the driving factor in West Ham's survival and possible rise. Having won the Premier League player of the month for February I think he may be one to look at.

    I really do hope it either goes to Tevez who I thought has been a main contender for it the last three seasons but most of all Charlie Adam. He has been a revelation for Blackpool this season with a number of eye-catching performances in their first season in the top flight.
    As for young player, taking from the age of 23 and younger, I think Jack Wilshere, Theo Walcott & Gareth Bale (if both not overwhelmed with injury this season) have got the best chances this season. Chicharito, Rafael Pereira da Silva, Andy Carroll and Ahmed Elmohamady who has been instrumental in helping the Black Cats keep eleven clean sheets this campaign.

  5. For player of the year, i think tevez or nasri.
    For young player of the year (is it U-21 or U-23?)
    U-21 would be wilshere and U-23 would be either bale or carrol.