Arsenal……it’s your Move…

We all sit and wait to see what happens....
The Transfer Window is open and I stand by and wait to see who will be flying in to Arsenal we have heard again that Gervinho is even closer as he has made statements like 'I am going to Arsenal to win' which is a good sign even for the biggest sceptics. But as I wait to see the beautiful people that will be joining the mighty Gunners, a fear is growing on me, will we see our prized assets being seized like a man in debt….but the thing is we are not in debt we quite rich actually so that’s all the more disturbing….

Fabregas ok we’ve heard enough of this, he is probably on his way…if we keep him great, if we don’t, we will have money to actually splash. Clichy, I think is on the next bus to City and I have to say I am saddened by this, although not the greatest season, he has been a good asset to Arsenal. The Gunner who is one everyone’s mind is Samir ‘I want more money than God’ Nasri, what will he do?

People have all said that he will either leave for United or City as they are set to battle it out. Arsenal are currently only offering him £90,000, and United are reportedly ready to offer him £110 000 a week, as for City who knows they just throw money at situations. I would guess that they would offer up to £180 000 a week no problem, and this could be the deciding factor. If he moves to City none can argue that it is for the Money and if he moves to United well I don’t really care I’ll hate him all the same.

In my opinion I don’t think Nasri will be going anywhere apart from Fabregas leaving and Nasri being able to fill the void, don’t we all remember what Arsene Wenger said in late June…

We have a financial disagreement which hasn’t yet been settled,” Wenger told French radio. “We are still in discussions but we haven’t agreed a deal”.
“One thing’s for sure, we’re not selling him to United”.

Mmmmm I think people have forgotten that, but who are we to know what the Mighty Wenger is thinking only time will tell I guess. Come Monday morning we could either be very Happy Gooners or very sad ones, if Cahill signs that will be enough to keep me smiling for a while, but let’s hope the board throws some cash at Wenger to keep his big guns this season…..

Keep The Faith…..

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