Manchester City Make Moves for Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri

Sky Sports News a source that I rate very highly has reported that Manchester City have made an offer for Clichy and are the front runners to sign him, but on top of this they have rivalled Manchester United’s interest in Samir Nasri and we could very much see both go. What’s worse is that with Fabregas moving ever closer to the door could we see all 3 of the players pictured above on their way out of the Emirates?

Sky Sports sources claim that Clichy is on his way to Money bags City, but the more worrying move is that they have moved for Samir Nasri, who has already stated that he is open to a move away from the Emirates. United Who have already signed three well known players are also in the running to sign the Frenchman, who is considered by some(including myself) to be a bit of a greedy traitor. That would be a huge lose to the gunners as I said in a previous post “4 reasons why Arsenal must keep Samir Nasri”, but there is the argument to let these players go. However letting so many good players go could set us too far back and with Arsenal not known for spending, this could be big trouble. 

I’m not one to get down from a rumour, but I am sure like most of you Sky Sports is not one to throw rumours in your face. At this point in time who can guess what will happen only that it looks for sure that Clichy will be following Toure and Adebayor to Money Bags City and tearfully maybe even Nasri. 

I only hope that they are not sold to our rivals, I’m sure Wenger will do all he can to prevent this and if they are sold where ever they go, I hope they suffer the curse of Arsenal, but more on that later.


  1. No no no no no I hate Man City

  2. Bloody Man City just think they can buy everyone, Wenger must stop this

  3. I dont think they will both go maybe Clichy but not Nasri, I also think Fabregas will stay

  4. Nasri not going anywhere! Fabragas will be on his way out very soon but we shouldn’t worry too much as Gervinho claims he is on the verge of moving to Arsenal. Also Ramsey is now fit someone we didn’t have last season, will be a great boost in midfield.

    Clichy, a player that makes many mistakes in my eyes! Kieran Gibbs will be good enough to cover that area, we might need some sort of backup but knowing Arsenal we have some youngster coming up the ranks willing to take on the challenge.

    Keep the Faith Gunners!