What will Nasri do?

Reports have come in that Manchester United will offer £20million for Samir Nasri. The Greedy Frenchman who has been offered a 5 year deal by Arsenal has yet to put pen to paper and has been holding out for a much larger wage. In the meantime United are said to launch their bid this week to sign the player, but what will he do?

His reluctance to commit reflects Arsenal's trophy drought and uncertainty about manager Arsene Wenger's transfer activity, however it is also due the fact that Arsenal have not met his wage demands. It is said to be that he wants £110 thousand a week, the same as Fabregas, while other reports claim he wants even as high as £160 thousand.

With Wenger now looking at securing Ricardo Alvarez, Gervinho, Cahill and Samba I believe that Nasri will stay. I think the need to be assured that we would show ambition was needed and with Cesc Fabregas looking more likely to stay as well I think the greedy Frenchman could very well be at Emirates next season. I do not think he will go to United, because even if he did leave the club I am sure Arsene Wenger would never let rivals, United get him.

However, if Nasri is demanding more money by the end of this, I just have this to say; he has had one good season, Fabregas has had many so why does he deserve the same as Cesc. Yes he burst onto the scene, but after his injury he only scored one goal and had a huge dip in form. There is no doubt he is a good player, but he still needs to prove it was not just a flash in the pan and that he is able to become a great player. Then he can demand all that money, but until then the only money he is going to get from me, is bus fair to the nearest station, no man is bigger than a club and certainly not Arsenal. I am sure you will agree with me that he has done himself no favours with this saga and fans will take a while to warm up to him again.

Let’s just hope Arsenal do make all those signings and I do want Nasri to stay, but if we can’t hold him we need to make sure we make these other signings…come on you gunners and come on Wenger……Keep the Faith

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