Nasri, will he or won’t he?

Waking up after a weekend of great sport I find myself feeling quite angry at the world. The reason for this is that come every year, Arsenal are hit, like every team, with a million rumors, and this one, will Nasri leave is a big one. All the talk usually falls on Fabregas, but with little noise on that front, besides a rumor that Chelsea wants him for 60 million, Nasri has stolen the talk. If Arsenal let him go then surely, there has to be a change at the very top, Wenger needs to wake up.

How did this rumor start, didn’t it start, with that Wanker Patrice Evra telling Nasri to leave Arsenal for Manchester United. So how has something like that turned into a huge transfer ordeal, where it seems as if Samir Nasri is on the verge of joining United.

Nasri has refused to resign with Arsenal as they haven’t met his demands, all I can say is WENGER MEET HIS DEMANDS, as I said before it is only 1 million more a year, which is nothing in the grand scheme of things, so lock it down now, and end these rumors.
I am not happy that Nasri had this to say :

 "For the moment, I don't think about this. We will speak about it after the match with Poland.

"Do I want to go to Man United? First, we should see if it's real and if it is concrete."

For a player that claimed that he had such a love for Wenger and Arsenal and wanted to win things with them, makes me furious.

If he goes, then Arsenal are showing their colors, they like to buy young talented players who show promise, as soon as they explode onto the scene as Nasri did this season, they are sold. And the board thinks that fans do not realize what they are doing, well I can tell you we are not a bunch of half witted Liverpool fans who are confused by big words, we know what is going on.

Wenger, you have a dusty War chest that we hear about every season yet never see, it’s about time you step up to the plate and make some signings…

Keep the Faith

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