Calling Mr Wenger?

I wish that someone could please give me Arsene Wenger’s personal Cell number, oh what I would do with it. Well for one thing I would call him up and tell him to wake and make signings sooner rather than later. I would tell him to hurry up and give Nasri what he wants, because if we lose him, then we are proving our critics right, that we do not have ambition, and are a club who cannot hold onto their players…..

Sooner rather than later.

It always comes down to this, Arsenal make promises of signings and we all hear a million rumors on who’s in and who’s out. We all get excited at the prospect of new things and the heart aches of the season before begin to trouble us no longer. But what happens then? Do we make those big signings? No, we do not, when we signed Arshavin a few years back it was in the final second of the transfer window, and that was a fluke. Arsenal go on and on about making signings, but then we just end up signing some youngsters (haven’t we just signed two youngsters from Barcelona) and then just say there was nothing “right for Arsenal” or “we won’t break our transfer budget”, but the thing is, do we ever use this budget. So Wenger make the signings sooner rather than later.

The main reason I am so worked up is the little Frenchman, Samir Nasri’s contract negations have stalled. It is reported that he wants 20 000 pounds more a week than Arsenal offered, if I had Wengers number this is what a message would read like:

“Mr Wenger, wake up, Nasri is an amazing player, he is the kind of player we need to hold onto if we are going to win trophies. He wants 20 000 more, what is the big deal that is only 1 120 000 pounds a year more. Arsenal would spend that on a youngster so why not use it here. It would be as though you were signing a player like Nasri for that amount, just think about it, any club in the world would sign him for that amount. Sometimes I think you cannot think rationally, I support you Mr Wenger 100%, but please wake up. Kind Regards, Football 101”

Ok well that’s at least what I would say, but it makes perfect sense and I am sure most of you agree. I only hope Wenger sees this and we make some good signings, enough with the children, bring in some experienced class.

Keep the Faith…..

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