The Nasri Saga continues.

Nasri is holding out for 110 000 pounds a week, as he believes he deserves the same as Cesc Fabregas, but he could be gambling with his Arsenal future as Wenger will not want a repeat of the Flamini situation, which saw the player leave on a free. Sign or be sold is the call, but the big problem here is that apart from losing a class player is that it will be on the cheap, in the sum of around 10 million.

But after my angry rant yesterday I wondered will he actually go? I now don’t think so, although his comments lately could be taken as an indication of  “come and get me”, I believe he has no desire to leave the club.

Let’s look at the facts, when he arrived from Marseille, he was over the moon to join a club he was a huge fan of and he stated his joy to work with Arsene Wenger. Since then Nasri has shown glimpses of brilliance, but has always indicated his love for the club, the grabbing of the badge the praising of the fans and all that “I love my club jazz”. I believe that Nasri has no desire to leave Emirates Stadium - for United, Manchester City, Serie A, La Liga or anywhere else. He is more than content at the club that brought him to the Premier League. More recently we saw Nasri refuse to shake hands with Gallas, yes that had a lot to do with a personal hatred for each other, but Nasri also felt that Gallas had bad mouthed Arsenal and had showed himself to be a traitor by moving to those smelly rivals Spurs. So now why would he want to leave Arsenal and more so to leave them to rivals, I just don’t think it will happen. We saw Rooney do the same thing and he threw up a cloud of confusion when everyone thought he was on his way out of Old Trafford, but an improved contract later and there he is winning the title for United.

So in my opinion he will stay, he will get what he wants or there and there about, Wenger is no idiot (or so I believe) and will do his best to keep the little Frenchman. Sources close to the situation expect Arsenal to offer a marginally improved contract with more performance-related bonuses.

Let’s just have faith that this happens, Nasri you will suffer the curse of Arsenal if you go (look at what happened to Hleb), no man is bigger than a club and we will be fine without you………but I hope he does stay…

Keep the Faith.

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