4 Reasons Why Arsenal Must Keep Nasri

There are things that are certain here, Nasri is a clown for what he is doing, Nasri is a good player, and Arsenal need Nasri. No player is bigger than the club, but in order for success it is crucial that Arsenal hold onto the Frenchman, here are 4 reasons why...

1. Moving Forward

If Arsenal is to challenge for the title next season they need to not only bring in players but they need to keep their star players. Samir Nasri was one if not the most stand out player in the Gunners shirt this season. The pressure to win trophies is greater than ever and players like Nasri will be key.

2. Can’t deny the Class

There is no doubting that Samir is a class player, when he was signed he was dubbed the new Zidane and this season the footballing world saw why. 2010/2011 saw the 23 year old become one of World Football's most damaging midfielders as Nasri concluded the season with 46 appearances and 15 goals alongside a place in the PFA Team of the Year. His trickery and skills have been in fine form this season and what has been his breakout season has seen him rise to the ranks of the world’s best.

3. A Depressing Pattern

Arsenal is showing a pattern with their signings and sales that is becoming very obvious to everyone. Buying young players in their teens and once they have a breakthrough they are sold. Arsenal is now becoming known as a sellers club and more of a training academy than a giant. If Arsenal is going to challenge for the title they need to spend that money that they make every year, no more selling a player as he is world renowned. That investment that is made needs to show more return than just financial gain, fans want trophies and big name players at their club and Samir Nasri will help bring that.

4. Can’t lose two big players

With Fabregas surely on his way out of the club, to lose Nasri as well would be a disaster for the Gunners. Slipping to fourth place last season was an indication that a stronger squad was needed and selling both players is a sure fire way of taking 5 steps in the opposite direction. More importantly if Arsenal sell him to United I will burn my Nasri t-shirt and then surely fans will begin to turn on Wenger and the board.

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  1. I am sure Fab will go so we need to keep Nasri even if he is a greedy clown