Do Arsenal need more Frenchman?

There is no mystery to as why Arsene Wenger brings in French players (if you don’t know Arsene Wenger is French you need to close this post and walk away), but what do we the fans think. There are rumors now that Arsenal is making a move for Olympique Marseille playmaker Mathieu Valbuena. The French International at 26 is said to be valued at 15 million pounds and a possible replacement for an outbound Gunners player…

That player is Arshavin and with a tug of war of will he won’t, being played, rumors are going to continue to grow until his future is finalized. I would like the Russian to stay as I think he is a great player who has just lost his form, but only time will tell.

A positive here, and hold your breathe is that Mathieu Valbuena may be a replacement for Rosicky, now that is something I can get on board with. The Czech as really added no value to Arsenal in two years and I actually can’t remember if he really did ever add value. With 3 goals in the last three seasons he is a player that has never really recovered from an injury prone career. I would welcome this replacement with open arms.

As for if we need more Frenchman, we won the league with Henry, Pires, Wiltord, Petit and Vieira to name a few, so maybe we do need some French blood in there again. Mathieu Valbuena has scored 4 goals this season, but it is his playing style that has attracted Wenger, he is a small player, but has no problem holding his own so in my opinion would fit in well in the Mighty Premier league. Alex Ferguson is also said to be interested in the Frenchman, which could lead to yet another transfer battle, let’s just hope the Professor is up to the challenge.
French Connection
My only hope is that we can keep Frenchman Samir Nasri who has been linked with a move away, but I have faith that he will stay at the Emirates at least for one more season, well I hope…

Keep the Faith.

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