Wenger to make some dance moves on the transfer floor.

Wenger has been like one of those Guys who watch all the cool kids out on the dance floor and seeing all the rewards and attention go to them, Finally it seems he has plucked up the courage and is going to hit the dance floor.....If you have no idea what I am talking about I am referring to Wenger finally deciding to dive into the transfer market (dance floor) and make some moves and it seems he has captured his first name.....

Ricardo Alvarez, an Argentinian who has even been dubbed the new Messi in Argentina on the back of his dribbling skills and individual brilliance. On top of this he is 6.2 foot tall and is said to have an immense physical presence, but it is skills that have caught Arsenal’s eye. He is a winger which could mean that Arshavin, Rosicky or Vela could be on their way out. But there is better news he is not a child of 16, 17 or even 20 he is 23, so at least his voice has broken. And in true Wenger style, Alvarez's contract is at an end and could sign on a free Transfer, freeing up more money for additional signings.

If this is true Wenger will be showing his intent to strengthen his side as he already stated earlier this week that 50 million is not enough for the things he has planned, this could be a hint to the shareholders to open up the bank and let Wenger loose. With Bendtner and Denilson wanting out this could be the space that Arsene Wenger needs to make the signings that will fill the huge gaps missing in the Gunners squad. 

If Bendtner does leave it will see a spot for a striker open up and with the connections to Benzema, this could make it all the more possible. So go ahead Bent leave, I will happily lose you to bring in some real quality, lets just hope that Wenger is able to dance on the transfer floor and do all the right moves to land the right players.

Keep the Faith.......

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