Swansea up with the big Guns

Swansea are in the premier league next season, this after overcoming a second half Reading fight back to claw their way into the Premiership. For me I always love an underdog to come up and I also like it when it’s a team that has not been in the Premier League for a while and In Swansea’s case they are the first team outside England to play in the premier league since its formation in 1992…

People in Wales will be going made, after Cardiff fell short of making it Swansea have picked up Welsh Pride and will be doing it with the best in August when the best league in the world kicks off again I cannot wait.

Two days after Barcelona smashed United at Wembley Swansea have done something great, Scott Sinclair’s hat-trick, including two penalties, and a Stephen Dobbie goal earned Swansea the victory. Swansea will join Queens Park Rangers and Norwich City in the Premier league next season and I quite frankly think that is a great bunch of teams coming up. QPR are my favourites of them all and after all they have some rich owners so I do wonder if they are going to throw some money at the manager, and who knows we could see QPR make some shock buys, wouldn’t that be interesting

Some quotes from the happy quotes for Swansea Star and Manager:

"It's a great feeling to be the top team in Wales," said Swansea manager Brendan Rodgers, who was fired by Reading 17 months ago. "Ourselves, Norwich and QPR will be a credit to the Premier League."

"It's a magnificent feeling — we are all buzzing," said Sinclair, who joined Swansea from Chelsea last off-season.

In Arsenal news:

Asharvin seems set to stay as he claims Arsene Wenger wants him to stay and if that is true then he wants to. I would love the Russian to stay, yes he has had an off season, but he is 10 times better than that crock Rosicky.

Arsenal has apparently bid for Samba, I don’t really know how I feel about this, yes he is a strong defender, one that we need, but is he world class. I would much prefer the likes of Cahill or anyone from Arsenal 2.0 list. I only hope that Arsene Wenger can make a move, but only time will tell…

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