Champions League and a bit of PFA

Wow, I hope you all watched the Champions league last night because my word was it shocking and great, Inter bashed and Spurs taught a Real lesson.

So my team ever since Arsenal were knocked had to be Inter and I wanted them to go all the way, and it seemed that way as Stankovic put Inter in the lead just 1 minute into the game with a cracker, but that was level to 1-1, before the man who can’t miss Milito signalled his return to put Inter 2-1 up. I was thinking Schalke were playing well and soon enough they were level as, a man I was impressed with, Edu fired in his first of the night. Things got worse as Raul put the German side into the lead and a shock on my face. Then an own goal by Andrea Ranocchia and it was 4-2, a few minutes later oh my word could it get worse Chivu sent off for a second yellow and Inter were down to ten men. I could only look on in amazement as Inter coming off a 3-0 loss to AC Milan were still the overwhelming favourites for this one. To wrap up a shocking defensive display by the defending champions Edu all but nailed the coffin shut of this tie as Schalke ran out 5-2 winners. What a poor performance by Inter as I could see the sheer frustration in Eto’o and Sneijder’s eyes as their defence looked worse than Arsenals current back four. United and Chelsea would have been watching as they will face the winners of this tie in the semi’s as the Red Devils and Blues go head to head tonight.

Hahaha, what can I say about Spurs, well they were given a Real thrashing and were out played completely, although Crouch was sent off early on for two bad challenges he really didn’t need to make in the first place, but they were already 1-0 down and I don’t think it would have changed the result, 4-0 on the night and it seems the special one has the beating of old red faced Harry. How I loved it that Spurs fans thought they had a chance was brilliant. Barcelona thrashed Real in the league and Arsenal (who are far better than Spurs) lost 4-3 on Agg to Barca the best team in Spain and the world. Spurs fans I’m sure your taunts of ‘we through to the quarters and you are not’ are silenced as were your team last night totally out played. Di Maria what a goal, always been a huge fan of yours and I’m sure the world sees why. Ronaldo got on the score sheet, but it was the former Arsenal man Emmanuel Adebayor that stole the headlines with a brace. Adebayor claimed that Arsenal fans still loved him this week and I laughed at the notion(I know I don’t), but I must admit seeing a former Arsenal man down Spurs, it was great…… 

Barcelona vs Shakhtar Donetsk is tonight and the winner will face off against more than likely Real Madrid, I’m sure Barca will march on as they are just to dam good. 

Now for a little bit of PFA player of the year news, the greatest part about it is that Nani has not been nominated and this has really got Man United fans going….they start ranting and throwing out stats and facts about all he has done this here and how is it possible he is not there blah blah blah. The only fact I care about is that Nani is a cheat, yes a cheat, if you dive and literally cry to con the ref you are a cheat, players hate him and that is plain and simple why he did not get the nod, I don’t care about how good he is, Taken was a bloody good movie, but it wasn’t nominated for an Oscar because it was a bit farfetched, kind of like over acted, haha like Nani…..  

Ok onto serious stuff so who did get the nod it’s the one every player wants to win and it is an honour to make the list. There are the obvious nods such as Tevez who for three seasons in a row has been nominated, he is the talisman for Man City and there is no one who would say he does not deserve the nod, with his goals and sheer brilliance he is a huge contender. 

Vidic, who if Man United win the league I think he will take it, he has been the backbone of United this season and his rock solid defensive skill has been a strikers nightmare. The Serb and United skipper has been leading by example and one has to wonder if he was not there would United be as strong as they have been this season. 

Gareth Bale, the Spurs man has been a flyer this season and is many people’s odds on favourite. He has blow games wide open and is able to change a game single handily, but the Welshman won’t be my pick as his season as been hit by injuries and he is yet to capture that BOOM he had in the beginning of the season. 

Samir Nasri the Arsenal man (yes please) he has been a delight to watch and has really stepped up to the plate this season. He has the ability to pull a trick out of the bag that can prove the break through. Amazing goals, Fulham springs to mind, and runs that have helped carry Arsenal’s Season, how I would love it if the young French Captain brought this one home. If I had to choose with my heart I would choose this man, of course I am biased here but he has simply been amazing this season; however he is not my pick for who I would pick if I was a fellow player. 

God may have created Eve, but it was Blackpool that created Adam, Charlie Adam that is…..or at least they brought him to light. The Blackpool captain has had the season of his career, leading to much Transfer speculation, none much so than that of Liverpool. He is guts and he is determination, always giving his best the skipper has been one of the most consistent players this season, and defiantly needs a mention. 

Well if you hadn’t guessed it my pick is Super Super Parker, Scott Parker is the final man on the list and my choice. I don’t think he will win it, but if I was a player I would pick him. I recently heard a rumour Arsenal may move for the player and I nearly wet myself I was so happy. But that is not my reason, he always plays well and on top of this he is in a side in the bottom three, he shows week in and week out that he can roll with the big boys. He always gives his best and like Adam is Guts and Determination for his team. He is a cog that if West Ham did not have I feel, would have slipped to far behind by now. So there you have my pick and we will just have to wait and see what happens come the end of the season……

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