Call for the Axe?

Last night as I was reading all the news and say our captain was in a car accident (luckily unhurt, but still) I thought can things get worse for Arsenal. I was reading some chats between Arsenal fans and it seems many are screaming ‘off with his head’, this meaning Wenger. And what was more interesting was that it was the majority of people, only a few brave souls would protect the man, but let’s look at this.

When Arsene Wenger arrived and took over from George Graham, Arsenal were struggling mid table and had been for a number of years, but in just that one season he was able to pull the season around, in his next full season he was able to win the league and has done so on three occasions for Arsenal. He has been able to secure champions league football every season that he has been in charge. He has been charged with inheriting a side that brings him glory (Adams, Bergkamp, Wright), but the same can be said for many managers. He took boring ‘it’s one nil to the Arsenal’ and made them into one, if not the most entertaining football side in the world. Arsene helped Arsenal out of Financial trouble and made them the economic success they are. Although this branded sellers club now needs to be shaken off now that we are very financially secure. 

By buying young and selling for a huge profit like Anelka, he has made this club a continued strength when we could have slipped off the edge like Leeds or Wimbledon. People complain that he keeps bringing no bodies and we need to spend big…..who was Patrick Veria, a player from AC Milan no one knew, who was Thierry Henry, a reject from Juventus who was let go for a meeger 10 mil and what happened to that guy, I can’t seem to remember. Who was Freddie Ljungberg, who was Robert Pires and who was Cesc Fabregas, don’t need to say more here. Yes he has bought melons, but who hasn’t does anyone remember Veron (pfff well done Manu). He made Arsenal the top 4 side they are and he is the Greatest Arsenal Manager of all time…..FACT!!! 

OK so have heard the pro argument, maybe need to put the pitch forks back in the sheds and calm down, our side is young yes. If Arsene Wenger is able to keep them at Arsenal and bring in two or three experienced, good players, we are on our way…..but don’t we hear this every season, keep the faith, in Arsene we trust, but this is just starting to sound like the ANC government promising change (South African ruling party for you uncultured people haha). Why has change not happened yet, I’ve been waiting six years. Maybe Arsene Wenger has taken Arsenal as far as he can, I love the man but maybe the professor is too stuck in his ways. It seems to be a stubborn pride that he refuses to buy or make that critical change, maybe he is to nice that he cannot sell useless players like Almunia and Rosicky, I don’t really know, but what I do know is that this could be the season Arsene’s future is decided. 
Time to wake up and fight has to be the call, the battle is not over yet maybe we can win it, maybe we can, after all it took Fergie 6 years to win his first Title so even you proud Man United fans that still have a David Beckham poster on your wall, should keep your opinions to yourself, this is our fight and your words only make us hate you more. 

PS, Nani wasn’t nominated for PFA player of the year haha, it’s because he is such a F*** , 

Well done Samir on getting the nomination.


  1. Wenger has got to go. No one doubts the pedigree of the man but his continued stubbornness in the face of adversity will be his shortcoming. He can't continue to place so much faith in youth when you clearly need experience in the centre of your defence and a top quality GK. You are meant to learn from your mistakes, not just continue to piss into the wind...

  2. So what are you actually arguing here?
    Do you want him to stay or not?
    The fact that Arsenal are considered a "feeder club" is because they develop quality talent and then sell them to "BIGGER" clubs....that’s what a feeder club does.
    Arsene has produced quality players, no doubt, but how many of those have stayed with the club and retired there? And although Cesc is still there this season (partially), do you really think that he will stay there until even turns 25? So maybe arsenal, with all their hype about quadruples and all this talk of good football should be shelved....those players left the club for another challenge and to win trophies i.e. Vieira and Henry.

    You have compared fergi and Wenger out of context here bud... you say that it took Fergi 6 years to win his 1st title, that was after building and creating a structure at the club. What has happened since? Has there been a 6 year wait for a trophy since he won his 1st?
    Wenger won with a combination of inherited players and great signings. The context is slightly different because he used to win, and now he doesn’t. Fergi took a while to win, and has continued to win.... there is a deference. The only similarity is that they both had to build new teams. Fergi has been successful, Wenger not...simple.

    It’s hard to say whether Wenger should go or stay. The problem is who replaces a man who has been successful (even if it getting closer to a decade ago). That’s the problem...maybe that is what you should have argued?
    And if he were to go, how many players would leave too? He is after all the manager who started their professional careers. Fab would be the 1st to leave. I cannot see Arshavin, Bentner (not his own choice of course); possibly even Clichy and Sangya...

    As for Nani not getting a Vote, it’s a Joke. He is a knob, but honestly. He has been by far the best midfielder...He has the highest number of assists with 16, that is 5 more than the next best player, Arshavin with 11. He is also the tied 4th top goal scorer from midfield in the league with 9, not to mention the important winning goals he as scored. It’s ridiculous that he didn’t make the short list.

  3. Well Fletch Firstly learn to spell......then I was saying there are two sides to a coin and that both need to be looked at, I admit the only reason I am afraid of seeing Wenger go is that who will replace him, we need someone great and who will keep the style of play, but add a sense of his own ie, experience. You also state its hard to say whether Wenger should stay or go so, you seem to be stripping over your words.
    I Hate Man United and for a Manc to come and tell me that players who do not stay till retirement is crap.....probably up there as some of your most famous Ronaldo, Beckham and Van Nistelrooy, come on Fabregas has been there for 7 years that is long.....I was comparing him to Fergie I was saying that all great Managers have slumps, one before winning and fans were calling for his head, and one after same thing.....

    As for Nani....Karma is a bitch he is a complete clown and maybe he will win writers player of the year, but the fact is he is hated, maybe they don't like a player who cheats.....yes diving and crying to persuade a ref is cheating. No doubting his quality but, there's a reason "cheaters never prosper" is a phrase we all know.....
    Got no more to say on the matter, what for my next post....

  4. Ok, but do you want a fresh approach or not?

    My point about retirement is this... Players want to stay at a club that wins titles when they are in the prime of their careers? Obviously those players you mentioned didn’t believe that they were going to win. I am surprised Henry didn’t leave a year earlier after losing to Barcelona in the Final of the Champions League.
    For a player to stay and retire at a club means that they happy, they love the club, they are winning trophies...Of course all you mentioned are not English, and does make a difference but even Liverpool after signing over 270 players in 6 or 7 years still have Gerrard and Carra who will more than likely retire there. Do you want my list of United players??
    It’s important to have players that carry the club's tradition to the young players coming through... Thats how the clubs develops its winning mentality.
    Maybe I am wrong and Wenger wanted the younger players to replace the Freddie Ljungberg's in his team. But in that case, he is not as good a manager as we think.

    It honestly baffles my mind that he created the "invincibles" team with pace and power. More direct and potent, and then changes his philosophy when his youngsters come through the ranks...weird. Hat off to him for trying it though, but I think it’s fair to say its about time the experiment ends and he puts some men in the team.

    Look, all is not quite lost yet. They do still have the league to fight for and Man United has 2 other competitions to concentrate on too. If he wins the league everyone will say he is a genius for getting youngsters to win the league...and if he does (I will cry) ill give him more credit for doing with a team that have been bashed and bruised emotionally and showed the courage and determination to bounced back. I would not put my money on it though.

    Personally, I think he should stay. He has been very stubborn, he has also been an idiot by complaining about the fixture list when things get tough for him, but he has a team that are 2nd on the log with an average age of 23...with a few tweaks and changes, Arsenal will be tough to beat next year. So I don’t think he should go yet...change is not always good in football. It’s proven that managerial stability has brought success to the English clubs (Man United, Arsenal, Everton).