Arsenal…..It’s time to fight

Man United and Chelsea won again yesterday 2-0 against Fulham and 1-0 against Wigan respectively and us Guns meet Blackpool today…..there is no room for error and there is no way we can afford to drop points. If we do I may just join the town’s people in storming Wenger’s castle and scream ‘off with his head’. No more excuses it’s now or never, week in and week out we say oh well we can still do it, but that fact is if we do not win we are OUT.
So we play Blackpool and my side would have to be:
Arsenal: Almunia; Sagna, Squillaci, Koscielny, Clichy; Fabregas, Wilshere Nasri; Walcott, van Persie, Arshavin. 

There would be no Song as he has been ruled out and Walcott is still touch and go, but I hope he plays as his pace is always able to create something. 

Blackpools side will probably be: 

Blackpool: Kingson; Baptiste, Cathcart, Evatt, Crainey; Grandin, Adam, Vaughan; Taylor-Fletcher, Varney, Beattie. 

Adam of course the man with the plan, but I am weary of Varney and Beattie who can cause us some problems, and with a useless goal keeper in goal and two weak central defenders, I have a feeling of tread if we don’t score early. Blackpool are in 17th position and have seen them lose 10 out of their last 14 games, please Arsenal don’t let them win, the last time that happened in the league was in 1965. 

Arsene Wenger challenged his critics this week and he touched on many points that I spoke of in last week’s posting ‘Call for the Axe?’, he stated that he is very happy with his side and that they will eventually be the winners he knows they are. I myself am still a supporter of Wenger, but do understand why people are angry, just looking at the Arsenal Facebook page, you can see the hatred that some fans are voicing. 

But let’s focus on this game if we don’t win our season is over, Man United have shown they are not going to slip up and with their injured players returning, Arsenal need to bloody well stop playing the way they have been and find that passion and desire. So come on you bloody Guns……

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