Money Makes the World Go Round

I really enjoy the solution to money as proposed by Uefa as they say all clubs need to operate at a profit and cannot just spend on transfers and players wages…..I say this sarcastically, because as you sit around the dinner table and a person says ‘oh yes very good rule, will deal with all the problems’ and you smile thinking to yourself do you even know what a football looks like, because this rule really won’t solve much. People that have been saying that Chelsea and Man City are in big trouble are not thinking. As in all life and business there are loopholes, surely for example Roman Abramovich can simply say “stuff it, put my name on your shirts and since it is a sponsorship here is 100million”…….I wonder if Uefa have thought of that, because that is what is going to happen, but let’s look at something else that would never happen, well at least for a long time, a wage cap.

So lately in the world we have seen the NFL threatening a block out as they refuse to play without a pay increase. The NFL did record its most profitable year, and now those poor ‘underpaid’ players are demanding their cut. Ok they are the reason for all the money being paid, but the amount of money those players make is disgusting, they are like spoilt children who want a new grey Pony after they just got a black one. It really is a problem and the reason I bring this up is it is the same story in Football, players are grossly overpaid and it creates a problem of players playing for money instead for the love of the game.

Of course they deserve to be paid well as they are superstars of the world, but when a player earns 250 000 pounds a week and still demands more it really is a need for change. Players don’t honour their contracts anymore and will simply refuse to play well or cause unrest in the media. It seems that a contract means nothing these days and money makes all the difference. Wages are breaking the backs of clubs as they try to remain competitive by having players of the right calibre. Cesc Fabregas wanted to go to Barcelona, but chose to honour his contract and is still playing like a champion, I’m sure he’ll go next year, but the balance of power should be like this, Club should have a mighty say. Agents the devils of the world should be shot, just look at Alex Hleb, he left Arsenal for Barcelona and he recently stated the only reason he did so was, because his agent convinced him too. He now admits it was the worst decision of his life.What I am getting at here is what if there was a wage cap, now I know that it is hard to think of one that could work, but I’m sure we have all thought about it. A fellow gooner David Freeley put this wage cap model forward and had this to say:

Rough Model.

1. Schoolboy Terms-no wages/Academic help/travel fees paid
2. First Pro contract to21years.Min/£1000Per week/Max£7000 Per/w
3. 21 years to 23 years Min/£7000 Per/week/Max£25 000 Per/w
4.23 years to 28 years Min/ £7000 Per/w Max£50 000 Per/w
5 28 years to end of contract, or each extension/ Min£7000/Max£50,000P/w
6. F.I.F.A to act as arbiture in any dispute,wages also take into account international record
This could be scaled down as a whole for lower leagues.
Agents would only get a fixed % of any deal, 5% for example,

Image rights/ other Endorsment unlimited

Also all players (world wide ) contribute 1 half% of weekly wage into welfare fund. 
could be used for older players who have fallen on hard times/families of older players with problems .

It's just a rough model, other people will have better ideas, all ideas/suggestions are more than welcome. The whole idea is based on the notion that a player, depending on age and ability can earn the same at Birmingham as at Barcelona.
So only football ,or who plays it best is the only consideration, not who pays the most.

In an industry where money is king loyalty is not a commodity that is easy to find, players, even so players earn obscene amounts, time for FIFA to bring in a wage cap, no limit on what a player earns from endorsements or image rights, just a wage cap.
That way u will see more Loyalty, instead of players going to teams that pay the most.

Imagine if say for instance Messi(not saying he’d leave Bacra) could only earn the same per week where ever he played then he would move for footballing reasons, not because his agent screws a club.”

So what to think of this I think it is a good idea, but don’t think it would happen, it would take a team like Real Madrid to go into administration for FIFA to say hey this actually is something to look at. I do like what David has brought up and it is something for all us football lovers to think about.

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