Arsenal vs Barcelona

So the Mighty Arsenal(not that I'm biased) are only three points behind Manchester United after that defeat to Liverpool (shame poor Nani). But that Gap could have been only one point if the Gunners had not cost themselves against a struggling Sunderland and only managing a 0-0 draw....sigh.....Arsenal need to pull themselves together and drop Rosicky (forever) for one, maybe even sell him to Spurs, no I wouldn't even wish that on him.

Ok, but onto more important things....Arsenal vs Barcelona. It Kicks off tonight and will see the Artists of football meet for the second time this year. For Arsenal it is a 2-1 advantage and we as Gunners fans can breathe a sigh of relief that we are better off than last season. At the beginning of the week it was looking like Jack, Fab and Vp were all out and I had thrown all hope out the window, but rejoice they are in the squad and hope endures, thank goodness we won't be relying on Rosicky to pull the strings. 
For Barca Pique and Puyol are out and it seems that pep is gonna throw a hailmary at the back and pair Sergio Busquets with Abidal and this could just be a chance for the Gunners. 

From a Personal Note I hope Xavi has the worst game of his life, cause I do hate that clown always speaking ill of Arsenal to the press about the Fabregas situation. As for Messi, how do we stop that machine...Johan is the man for me......I am a huge fan of his and I believe if he controls our defense we will beat Barca.

Thats all for now and I pray next time I can celebrate a Victory Post.

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