Heart Ache

So we lost to Barca last night, in all our hearts we thought this was the most likely outcome, but as Gunners we had hope that Players like the mighty Jack would get us the victory.

As soon as I saw Rosicky in the side instead of the little Russian my heart sank......what was Arsen thinking. On the night I can say that despite all the pressure in the first half we held our own and it was only a error that caused the first goal at the end of the half. When we got that own goal I started jumping up and down and swearing at the TV saying 'hahaha you have to score twice' (and they did)....scoring a goal despite not having a single shot on goal was beautiful and Arsenal Fans around the world were flipping off those bloody pessimists.

But then the F***er of a ref sent off Vp for 'kicking the ball away' a single second after blowing the whistle....great ref...jolling.


How can he ever be allowed to ref again, it completely changed the game and the result in the end as the Gunners had no chance and eventually succumbed to a goal of Xavi brilliance and then a penalty that let the game slip away.

Our last chance fell to the Bent off a great ball by Wilshere, but it amounted to nothing and in the end Arsenal lost.

But lets look at the positives, we can focus on the league now that Barca is out of the minds. We first meet Man U next, there is no other team I hate more, especially because of their supporters bloody manc's, I hate them how they think every single one of their players are great....come on Fletcher and Carrick...useless....

So if we can defend like we did against Barca, ManU will not trouble us. And with the cry baby out
the threats are left to Rooney and that smelly ex spurs player.

So maybe its not all that bad and we can look to the near future and pray that we will beat the mancs and take the league and cup double............viva the Gunners

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