Club members and ticket sites sold Cologne Arsenal tickets.

Club Members and Exchange Sites Sold Arsenal Tickets

Cologne supporters got their Arsenal tickets from members of the club and exchange sites like Craigslist, Viagogo, Ticketbis and independent touts. Members of Arsenal sent tickets for the game over to hotels in order for the Cologne supporters to be able to pick them up. 

Chaotic Scenes Fuelled at Emirates Stadium

Thousands of Cologne Football Cup fans managed to buy tickets for the Europa League match against Arsenal. Even though reselling football tickets is not legal in the United Kingdom, much like many other criminal sports and betting related activities, resale still takes place.

Cologne supporters stated that they could buy match scalped or resold tickets relatively easily, and went so far as to thank Arsenal fans for having them. 

Tickets Were Being Advertised on Craigslist

One fan, who was willing to speak as long as his name was withheld, stated that he got his tickets via Craigslist, and that the person he purchased his from had a number of others available as well. He said that he received a phone number, messaged the seller by means of Whatsapp, and that the ticket cost £100, and was located near the Away block set aside for Cologne supporters.

The Cologne fan confirmed that his ticket was then emailed him, as a PDF file, and that he made payment by means of PayPal. He said that he also gave the seller’s number to other fans who were looking to purchase tickets, since the seller had a number of these available.

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Plastic Permanent Tickets Loaned to Cologne Supporters
The same man added that he had friends that picked tickets up bearing the actual names of Arsenal members in the Thistle Hotel’s reception room, in Kensington Gardens. He described them as real, plastic, permanent tickets that had names on them, and said that those deals were also made via Craigslist. Money was paid up front, and the tickets were then sent to fans’ hotels in London. After the game concluded they were asked to return the permanent tickets to the hotel’s reception, and had until midnight to do so. 

Adverts Were Still Up the Next Day

Advertisements making tickets for the game available were still up on Craigslist the day after the game, with most including information on the seats, details of where to meet the seller, and telephone numbers at which they were contactable provided.

Another fan from Cologne stated that his tickets were bought from someone at the Little Wonder Café, situated opposite the Emirates Stadium’s southwest corner.

He stated that there were two older men seated at the table, and that he had purchased his from someone named Herbie, who had five or six tickets available for purchase.

Screenshots from the Ticketbis and Viagogo sites show that the ticket platforms themselves were also making seat available, even though this was illegal.

A cached version of Viagogo’s website shows that the game was sold out –the Viagogo office in Fenchurch Street, in London, has not commented.

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