Arsenal face a struggling PSG

The Champions League is back tonight and we have PSG first up. To be perfectly honest I am feeling rather confident. PSG in previous years have, already this short way into the season, established themselves with a lead at the top of the table. This season however they have struggled to get going. Is it simply down to the loss of Zlatan? No, but I think it is more than they realise.

In Zlatan they lost more than just a great player. As much as I love to just sit and read his many outrageous and great quotes, he is also a leader. He brings a presence to a team that really seems to inspire the players around him. PSG have also lost that C$%T Luiz back to Chelsea which as much as I hate the man is a loss to any team.

Now this is where some or most will disagree with me, but I have heard 'oh but what about Cavani?' Well I think he is somewhat of a Donkey. (Please don't score a hatrick now) I have far more faith in Giroud than I do in Cav. I called up my bookmaker today and he gave me odds of 6/1 on Arsenal, and PSG at 4/1. You know what Guv, I will take that 6/1 as I am in a joyful mood today and feeling rather hopeful.

As I sit at the office now watching the clock I can only wait for a few more hours until I will have a cold one in my hand and the Gunners on the flat screen. Come on you beautiful gunners!!!

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