The positives of a bad situation

So yes we lost yesterday to a team I hate most in this world. And yes we lost to a goal from a player we all hate most dearly. But if you had told me before looking at these 3 games that we would win two of them and lose one, I would have told you thank you very much.

If we look back at it, we only have ourselves to blame. The first half was some of the most nervous football I have seen the gunners play in a long time. Sure we were playing United at their home but I feel this was the perfect time for us to attack them on their home front. However it was not to be and as much as it pains me, we can do nothing else but move on and look forward. We can though, take some positives from the game.

Verminator filled in for a sick Friendly giant and I was very happy with how he did. He handled all that came his way and it is great to know we have 3 solid defenders in the position. 

Our 2nd half was much better then the first, we played with confidence and start we united of the ball. I think one thing that did play to our advantage was that Vidic got injured. Not because he was dominating but because then Jones had to move back in defense. He was to my dismay really owning us especially Ozil in the midfield. So that allowed us more freedom. I thought Wilshere and Gnarbry were great when the came on and their were chances that we should have taken. 

On the negative I thought that Ozil and Santi were terrible. Not bad....terrible. Their paces were less than 50/50 and they just seemed off the pace.

There is not much else to say other than we have no choice but to pick ourselves up off the floor and get back to winking ways when high flying Southampton come knocking. There is the small matter of the interlul as well, which will be sure to bore us to death till then. COYG

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