All I Can Say is Don't Get Injured!

There isn't much to talk about Arsenal wise in this interlull period, other than the hope that we are lucky enough to escape without injuries and that Walcott, Podolski, Ox and Sanago use this time to make some comeback progress. Tonight sees the first leg of the European playoff games to qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Our only boys are in action for France with Sagna the Kos, and our French Model Giroud all likely to start. Let's hope they win against Ukraine and more importantly don't get injured.

In other news Jack Wilshere believes the strong bond among the Arsenal squad is having a major effect on their performances. “It [our team spirit] is massive,” he told “We've been out a few times. We didn't do it for a couple of years but over the last six months we go out for team dinners and we meet up outside of football, which is good for the team.

"Sometimes you just want to get away from football, you want to sit down and talk about life, your family and things like that. We've been doing that this season and it's really showing on the pitch."

“We've done really well this season and towards the end of last season; I think the team spirit plays a massive part in that.”

Other then that not much else to say, but maybe watch some Arsenal moments from the season so far and get ready for the next few fixtures that are going to prove crucial.

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