Bendtner at Barcelona WHAT!?!

Yip this one takes the cake, the man the Legend, Nikki Nick Bendtner has dropped another beautiful quote to be added to his book, hitting a shelve near you soon "How being Average means you can say what you want", sure to be a best seller. Take a look at this:

Asked if he chased the money when trying to find a new club, Bendtner told Danish publication Politiken: ‘I do not. It is the sport that is the most important.

‘I’m going somewhere where I know I can be happy to play. With a team where I can score goals and preferably to win something.

‘I do not want to sit on the bench staring. I love playing lots of games.’

When asked how he envisaged his career would continue, the striker said: ‘Real Madrid or Barcelona.’
That is fantastic hahaha

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