So Arsenal Made a 40 Million and 1 Pound Bid

There are many suggesting that Arsenal have made a club record bid of £40,000,001 for Luis Suarez. Why add the 1 on you ask, well apparently there is a clause in his contract, that stipulates any bid over 40 mill means he gets to talk to that club. So hence the 1. However this bid has reportedly been rejected already by Liverpool, who insist the player is not for sale....what now?

So we have all this money and still no signings....0 spent. I did not expect Arsenal to bid this high for the biter, but maybe we should just move on if they are not going to accept it. Give it a week and see what Suarez and his agent can do, but then it is time to look for another option. We still urgently need a defender, we are incredibly thin at the back, and I would rather we had a back up there first than just going after Suarez. After all, you can't beat a team that you can't score against.

I would also like to see Arsenal buy an enforcer in the defensive midfield position. I love Arteta and Ramsey, but they lack that "I WILL KILL YOU FACTOR" that Vieira had.

As it stands however I don't see us getting anyone, and with every passing day, fans and players a like start to voice their opinions and concerns. I myself am starting to worry, if we are putting all our hope in getting Suarez, if we don't....what then?!

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