Arsenal vs Liverpool 2-2 some Highlights, some thoughts.

Another draw to a big club, another below par first half, another second half fight, another match with to many mistakes. Sure we can be like Wenger and dwell on the positives, sure we look good going football and sure, we are all happy that beautiful Frenchman is scoring goals. But it is time that we stopped these mistakes and held players responsible. I have made it clear that I hate Santos as a player, as I am sure you do to, but to be fair to him, he was not that awful, he has been far worse. Plus we expect him to be terrible. Players such as the Mert, Verm and Szczesny we expect far better. Szczesny has been poor this season and his judgement shows his immaturity. As for Mert, I love you, but what were you thinking, to many mistakes...toooo many.

Anyway, we did come back, and all we can do is look forward. The worst news is that Gibbs is out for 3 weeks and this means SANTOS. Plus we will face Bayern Munich in that time. Verminator must fill that role, we cannot afford to have the Brazilian Magician (because he can make the defence disappear) at the for the next run of crucial matches.

Here are the goals from last night, two shockers and two stormers.

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