Robin Van Persie stands before the Arsenal Jury

It’s big one tomorrow, Man United vs Arsenal. Robin Van C*%t will be for the first time since joining United, coming up against the club that made him into a superstar. Wenger has asked for respect and there have been those that have said we should not boo him, what do you think? 

I for one am going to boo the hell out of him. He did not leave with grace, he did not leave with love and he certainly didn’t leave to a non rival. So why not boo him, we still boo Cashly Cole so I expect nothing less. It is hard to see VP in a United jersey and I must admit, that the sight of it makes me sick. It also angers me that he is in such red hot goal scoring form and as much as it pains me, I feel he will be on the score sheet come tomorrow. This brings me to the next point.

The case of the celebration – if I were Van Persie I would not celebrate. Even though I hate him more than I hate Nasri, I do not think VP is as dumb as the ming Frenchman, who loves to berate Arsenal fans. If he does celebrate then so be it, either way I don’t think it will change how I feel about him.

Of late there have been some articles released such as the one, which claimed to reveal all the insights to the inner details of the Van Persie saga. However upon reading it I did not come across anything I had not heard before. A good article to read none the less. It does again point out that there are two sides to a story and many have shown anger at this. However I know which side I am on, and that is Wenger’s and Arsenal’s. I have said it before and I will say it again, no man is bigger than the mighty mighty Gunners. Come Tomorrow we will see the Fans reaction.

But I think the Jury is out on this one…..Guilty…..of being a C*#t

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