Can the Gunners Beat United?

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Let me be honest right from the start, we have our work cut out for us if we are going get anything from tomorrow game. There are 3 reasons for this: 1; we are away to a team in Red Hot Form. 2; our form has been very poor of late and 3; Andre Santos.

United would always be favourites to a game that is held at Old Trafford, but with the Red Devils closing the gap to one point at the top after beating Chelsea last weekend. United have had the hold over us in the past few years and we will all remember that 8-2 thrashing. RVP (the Prick) is also firing and despite all my praying at the foot of my bed every night that he breaks his legs, he remains very much in playing form. Maybe we can bring Frimpong on in the 88th minute with the sole mission of hospitalising him. Ok I have wondered, but basically at Old Trafford it is a fortress and the numbers are definitely against us.

2nd you would be blind if you have not noticed that the form of the Gunners has dipped of late. We needed a late winner (that was offsides) at QPR and had to come from 4-0 down to win 5-7. The latter although simply amazing to witness, did show some massive problems with Arsenal. There were times in both games, when players looked very tired and uninterested, which we will need to turn around. We must remember though that we do have Jack Wilshere back, and I am very keen to see Santi and him linking up.

The 3rd and probably the biggest factor for me is that of Andre Santos. I have made no attempt to hide about my feelings towards Santos as a footballer. Valencia is a powerful fast runner and do not think that Santos has the ability to cover anyone, let alone him. His defensive skills are almost nonexistent and his form has been awful. I will over have hope that Wenger and the Verminator have sat down with him and told him that he does not need to advance as he does, because he leaves his fellow defenders with work to do when he doesn’t get back. I really can’t be convinced on his abilities, but I will pray that he has the game of his life.

These factors are going to give the Gunners an uphill battle, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t do it. We are the Arsenal and we are the best fans for a reason, when times get tough, we stick behind our boys, and this time is no different. I have faith that we can do it.

What do you think the score line will be?

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  1. We'e gonna get hammered if Santos plays. End of...