Arsenal Rumours! You may be the death of us all

There are many people that love this time of year….when the rumours come out, and we are linked with a million players, even the ridiculous things used to make me laugh and feel excited. But now as I have become older and wiser (as wise as the wisest), I realise that this really is the worst time. And here is why……

When I log onto twitter, as all us goons do these days, I am hit with a million questions, asking me opinions on potential signings and what news have I heard. When the fact of the matter is I am just a realist and the only reason I am trusted is because I don’t believe and jump for joy at every saga that happens to float around the Twitterverse. What I also see is the negative rumours and that is what really gets me down, this player leaving, this player unhappy, and so on. And in my opinion I only think this makes the situation worse, it fuels the fire that allows agents to demand more money. By the way, agents in my opinion are the scum of the earth and only Spurs supporters are worse scum then agents.

It’s the Van Persie saga as we know, and despite what everyone says I don’t think he even knows what he is going to do. I do like that Cesc told him to stay and I do like the fact that his agent (same as the F*@ker Nasri’s) has been altogether quiet on the whole matter. I think the Euro’s could decide his fate, but I agree with so many in saying that no man is bigger than Arsenal. Sure it would be great to see him, but I don’t think he will have another season like he did in the last. So if he goes and we get a nice bunch of cash maybe that stingy board will let Wenger splash.

On other fronts Walcott and Song are also sitting on the fence, or so these rumours say, my word, did I mention how much I hate rumours. Like the Mirror, they must be the biggest bunch of shit stirrers, I would go far as to say they are the Joey Barton of Media sites. They just make up statements and take things out of context. I don’t know why we as Arsenal supporters have no rioted and burnt down their offices.

As for us, Hazard is not going to come to Arsenal and I am willing to wear something ridiculous to work if he does (Corporate office, would 82% lose my job). He is more money hungry than Nasri and even more arrogant. M’Villa seems to have signed everyday so who knows what is going on there and Allen for Swansea is also linked (not a good move in my opinion, but Arsenal has bought way worse, anyone remember Gus Caesar) On the plus side we cut lose some 7 drift wood players, including ‘Manuel safe hands Almunia’, so we have some reason to smile. Oh and I almost forgot Jack Wilshere underwent successful surgery in Sweden so holding thumbs that he will be back next season, it will be like we have signed a new player if he is fit and strong again.

Well I am off to get a beer it has been a long day, make sure to follow me on twitter @football101blog and add me on Facebook, and if you want you can post and send me depressing and wonderful rumours no matter how false they are.

All we can do is keep the Faith ……….. 


  1. I agree with everything you say, this mvilla thing is killing me slowly, I am happy we signed lucas, but i thought it was a sign we would get bigger players

  2. Still need a stout CDM.

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