Get Me a Defender Now

Ok so Arsenal lost over the weekend….big surprise considering the poor caliber that we bought onto the field when we were looking so promising. For me Gervinho has been very impressive and young Ramsey, good on you mate, you really are improving with every game, but I am not here to talk about any of that. I’m not here to talk about how Van Persie is made of glass and that Rosicky and Squillaci may possibly be the worst players to ever wear the Arsenal jersey and this includes Gus Caesar who joined Arsenal back in 1982. What I am here to talk about, is how badly we need a defender and there is no one on the planet who can argue with that.

If you think Arsenal don’t need a defender, then you have no business saying that you have any football knowledge. Sure Djourou and Koscielny have improved and Miguel and Bartley are prospects for the future, but I am looking at the here and now. I would say Djourou is one of my protected species (what that means is he can do no wrong in my eyes, like those of you who insist Vela is good…in that case he is your protected species), but even I have to admit that we need a Cahill, Jagielka or a Samba, those are the top of our list, but for me it is always Cahill. Why not two though and with the Verminator now injured again, us gunners have big problems. As I said before our best signing would be a new medical staff, with Van Persie and Gibbs joining the growing injury list with the season yet to even start.

Gibbs…mmmm what are your thoughts on him, I think he is about as solid as Titus Bramble, he is fun to watch going forward, but then leaves huge gaps at the back. Not my ideal defender and not ready to replace Clichy. I want Baines, come on Arsene, do the right thing and bring me Baines. A defender with the most assists in the league last year would be a lovely addition to a desperate Gunners team.

It is rumored we are about to sign Southampton winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for £12million, with the starlet undergoing a medical. That’s all fine and dandy, but he is only 18 on Monday and we need some experience. More so going forward is not the issue it is our defense that needs attention. I am a firm keeper of the faith and a firm believer in the fact that if we sign a star quality defender we will challenge for the league. Plain and simple in my eyes, you can argue all you like, but I won’t care.

Come on…in Arsene we Trust

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