Arsenal are Thin…Far too Thin

Last night saw us Guns secure a 1-0 win against Udinese in the first leg of our Champions league qualifier. It was a shaky performance and we were lucky to keep a clean sheet, but for me Szczensy was a standout and my man of the match. The only positive I can draw from this is that we were able to keep a clean sheet and did not concede that dreaded away goal, now that would have been a disaster. But what has come to light or should I say last night basically shone a spotlight on it, is how thin our squad is.

With Djourou and Gibbs injured again, that list is growing at an alarming rate which leaves us incredibly thin at the back. We have lost Fabregas, Clichy, Eboue and JET and with Vela, Denilson, Bartley, Botelho and Wellington on year loans and with Nasri and Bendtner set to follow Arsenal have depleted an already weak squad. We have only brought in Jenkinson and Gervinho who actually add any value, but after watching that game last night it is clear we need at least 4 signings. It has always been a problem at the back that we needed depth, but last night our midfield was totally over run. We need to bring in a player there of fine quality to replace the whole Cesc has left. I never thought that going forward was a problem but what a shocker last night. With Van Persie missing Arsenal looked poor upfront or should I say Chamakh was poor. I am a fan of his, but we need to bring in another striker of top class. Gervinho and Walcott looked good, but we still lack that cutting edge.

I am sure you will all agree we need signings now, Wenger must surely have seen the glaring signs last night that Arsenal, if we are going to remain a top 4 team and even dream of challenging for the title are going to have to sign class players now. Players that can play now, and not 3 years down the line.

Keep the Faith…..


  1. ve said it all. Just hope Prof. Wenger reads this. Its high time he does something...midfield and upfront...very experienced players must be signed. Wonder why holding on to the available money. Isnt it annoying and frustrating? someone or some people are playing with our emotion.

  2. I have to agree with Football 101, so so Thin, Bayo I share your frustrations, why won't Wenger just open up the wallet

  3. arsene is the problem ,where r the super signings that would be coming n stop lying pls i,ve had enough of his lies ,for f sake can,t someone give that knob head a telling off .if we need not qualify n fall back to 9th in the league to get this thick head to realise his project is shit then be it.........