Will Cesc be remembered as an Arsenal great ?

We all knew it was bound to happen, but even when it did my normally hard Arsenal heart did break a little; there are none of us at Arsenal who will not miss Cesc as he leaves for Barcelona. The fact is he is a great player and I am sure he will recover from those ‘injuries’ now that he is back at his boyhood club. Those thieves Barcelona who I hate with a passion have finally got their man. There is no doubt Cesc was a good servant, but will he be remembered as a great?

The short answer is NO…..why you may ask?...well because I said so…no no really though, no one can deny that Cesc Fabregas has amazing footballing ability and to lose a player of that caliber, could hurt Arsenal more than we realize. But what has he really done at Arsenal? Was he a leader that inspired a team like Adams, Vieira or Henry? Did he lead us to silverware? No he did not, Cesc is a great player and I am sure he will be remembered as a great, but as an Arsenal great I do not think so. Even Lionel Messi, who is arguably the best ever, has critics that say he can only truly be called the best if he leads Argentina to World Cup glory as Maradona and Pele did with their countries in their prime. With his vision and passing and his raw talent for the game he will always be remembered, but when we talk of him in 10 years we will say “yes Fabregas he had so much promise and talent , but left without achieving anything”.

There are those of us including myself who will be breathing a sigh of relief as finally this Cesc Drama can be put to bed, I only hope for his sake that the CURSE OF ARSENAL (more on this later) does not strike and that he warms the bench as Xavi’s suddenly feels he has a good 5 years left in him, and that Cesc who seems to be becoming more and more injury prone, could this be a sign of a shortened career. I hold no malice to Cesc, but to Barca, I hold hatred, the Giants of World football, use their power in a way that has made me see them rise to my 2nd most hated club (close battle with Spurs and City), I hope that nothing but financial ruin awaits them.

To the Future we all must look now, the weekend saw an opening 0-0 draw that I have mixed feelings about, but we have two weeks to make those signings that will change everything, and that will set Arsenal up for greatness.

Keep the Faith…….

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