Will the 1st of July bring Signings for Arsenal?

A day away, a day of wonder, a day of a mystery a day of joy or a day of misery. There are many things that could happen come tomorrow, with Arsenal reportedly on the verge of signing a number of players and Fabregas and Nasri possibly on their way out, all Arsenal fans including myself will be on the edge of their seats. The Question is though; will we see 1st come and go without anything happening? Manchester United have already made 3 quality signings, and this is before the Window has officially opened, so what of Arsenal what is in store for us?

Let’s start off on a poor note, it seems we will see Fabregas leave as reports this morning are that Barcelona will announce the signing of our Captain later this week. Devastating news, but in our hearts we all knew this was a strong possibility (not a done deal yet though so there is hope). Samir Nasri and Clichy are yet to sign new deals and it seems both are pushing for the door. Losing Nasri will give us more of a blow if we lose Fabregas as well, as there will be a large hole in our midfield. Clichy has been a favorite of mine for a while and it will be sad to let him go, but it seems more than Nasri that his heart is not with Arsenal anymore. Wow depressing stuff, but I guess we need to get rid of the players who don’t want to be at Arsenal, we need passion and commitment.

Ok onto the positive, we have been linked with a number of players and I am sure a lot of those are bullshit, but what about the ones that have shown some real truth. Gervinho, Samba, Cahill and Alvarez, these are the most likely in my books with a few others on the side. For me the defenders are a must and if we lose Nasri and Fabregas, then Gervinho and Alvarez are as well. Cahill is the man who can make the most difference in my eyes and really push us forward; Samba would be next for me as we really need a defender.

Ok, ok but the question really on our minds is will we see something positive happen come tomorrow or will we just see players leaving and the board making false promises that signings are on their way. We have heard it time and time again, season in season out, but is this season any different (We all remember last transfer window and the one before that Arshavin signed in the last minute), the bottom line is it has to be. Fans are at their threshold and knowing that we have the funds has made it all the more important to buy. We need to challenge for the title, so the board need to give Wenger the funds to splash.

I have Faith we will buy, but I am not sure who will go, Nasri possible could Join Fabregas, but the fact remains we need Cahill no matter what else happens. Up the Guns and if players don’t want to play for us then best they go. In Arsene we Trust, but it’s the board that we need to Trust this time.

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