Gunners close in on Samba and Gervinho

Reports are that the Gunners are closing on deals for both Samba and Gervinho. With both players being linked to the club for some time now, more and more sources are pointing to the fact that the players could join as early as next week. But what will they offer the Gunners…

Samba has been linked for a move from Blackburn since the last transfer window and the big man is said to be angry that he didn’t get to make the switch earlier. With the fee to be between 8-12 million pounds, what can he offer the Gunners. Many fans including myself have wanted Arsenal to move for players such as the Mighty Gary Cahill (I am a fan, can you tell), but what does Samba have.

He is big, fierce and strong, something the Gunners have been lacking, he makes so many blocks you would think he was a brick wall. Our defenders although quick have lacked that physical presence that Vermaelen has. With the Belgian being out for most of the last season, the Gunners defense leaked like a sieve. Set pieces were the worst thing for the Gunners and Samba would add something different to the defensive strategy. He does not have to play every game, but it gives Wenger something different to think about. If we go up against a team such as Stoke then Samba is the man to play.

Football 101 verdict: A welcome transfer, we need the strength and aerial presence in the defense.

Onto Gervinho now, the Ivorian is set to leave Lille and has been strongly linked with the Gunners. A Spurs bid was turned down, and this points more to the fact that he wants Gunners football (and who wouldn’t, Nasri you traitor…. If he goes that is). A deal in the region of 12 million pounds, what will the striker bring to Arsenal?

I had the pleasure of watching him play for Ivory Coast at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, and I can tell you that I was impressed, he did not shadow with the likes of Drogba and Kalou around him, in fact he was one of the exciting players. At 24 he is relatively young and only has room to improve. He is a striker with a bag of tricks, something that I am always fond of, something that has caused Bendtner to fall short. 15 goals last season in the league shows that he has a goal scoring ability , Arsenal need this from their strikers, since we like to not take our chances, he also has the ability to play out wide, if we end up wanting to play him there. Partnering Van Persie, he looks to be more suited than Bendtner, but that maybe my dislike for the Dane talking.

Football 101 verdict: He seems to have a desire for Arsenal, which I see as a must. He is a skilled striker that with Arsenal’s style of play I think needs to be something that every player must have, so bring on Gervinho.

Let’s just hope that these deals can be done soon to ease the minds of fans that are getting restless…in Arsene we Trust


  1. true Critics man..sure there will be something big for them in the team....

  2. Great post, i would like both these players