Final Day thrillers and Heart Ache

Wow, all I can say is that today saw the final day of the best league in the world, the premier league. Man United were crowned champions for those of you who care, but more importantly two more teams joined West Ham in relegation. On top of this all Arsenal drew 2-2 to round off an absolute terrible ending to the season and Carlo Ancelotti has been sacked by Chelsea....

A final day has seen two more teams relegated and as I said in my last post it is Blackpool and Birmingham, I am happy that Birmingham is down as I have no love for that team, but Blackpool I think most neutral fans were rooting for them to stay up Holloway is a real character and one that I have come to admire, he will be missed, I hope that they can bounce back and return to the top division as soon as possible. It was a real thriller that saw me and my friends on the edge of our seats constantly changing channels, Blackpool 2-1 up, Wolves 3-0 down Wigan drawing and Birmingham losing, then it all went hay wire, Man United made it 2-2, Birmingham 1-1, Wigan 1-0 and Wolves pulled 2 back. I didn't think it could get more intense until as sure as it was final day madness, it did, Man United win, Spurs Win, Blackpool and Birmingham are relegated and the rest survive, tears all around whether it be for joy or sadness. I love this league and bloody hell anyone who says this just isn't the best entertainment in the world can for lack of a better word F off.....Blackpool I wish you all the best.

Arsenal on the other hand could not see off Fulham and had to come from behind to draw 2-2. It just sums the Gunners season, from bad to worse we finish first and it seems only fitting on a day of heart break, to quote an Arsenal fan, "Van Persie is going to be out next season with back injuries for carrying this team". This summer needs to be a spring cleaning and bring in fresh stars, and out with the crap. I say goodbye to this season and say bring on August, if I am keeping the faith I better start seeing some miracles, and starting with Arsene buying this summer.

Chelsea have as a lot suspected sacked Carlo Ancelotti, he failed to win anything this season and it seems second just isn't good enough for there big money boss. Carlo I thought did a good job to finish second with a side that has grown old very fast. Torres was a waste of money and really didn't give him the help and fire power the blues needed to upset United's apple cart. What next for the Blues who go through managers, faster than Hugh Hefner goes through girlfriends I do not know, all I know is that Ancelotti shouldn't find it hard to find a new position maybe even the England spot as he has hinted at before, only time will tell.

Keep the faith.......

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