Could Barcelona preparations be up in Smoke

Or should I say Ash, with the volcano in Iceland spuing out large amounts of ash clouds, flights have been grounded as the cloud threatens to cover Northern Europe. What are Barcelona going to do, they blamed the cloud for their semi final exit last year to Inter Milan as they were not able to fly and had to take a long trip to Italy, of course I just think that’s an excuse cause Inter were the better team, but none the less Barca have no intention of letting that happen again and will fly to London later
tonight at 2100 GMT.

Barcelona would not be able fly at their normal time and date if the cloud moves over Northern Europe. Thus this is why they have decided to take the trip to Wembly a little early. I don’t see what all the fuss is about, I know they can’t fly but what’s with a little scenic drive up through Spain into France and across the channel to England, sounds like some peoples relaxing dream holiday. But I guess they say it’s a hard and tiring trip, but it’s not like they drive the bus or even have to stay awake. Ok ok so there legs get stiff or something and they don’t get the run around they need. But I don’t think this is the reason that Barcelona lost, but they will never admit it. 

So they arrive early to get ready for a battle with Manchester United, the Champions of Spain square off against the Champions of England, I’m sure most people are backing Barcelona to take it even though the bookies the other day had odds of 1-1, but Alex Ferguson the red faced clown as much as I dislike him he is one hell of a manager and seems to always have a plan for every situation so don’t be surprised if he pulls something out he bag. 

I for one am backing Barcelona (along with a lot of you) as they just have a superstar side, and let’s not mention the most powerful weapon, Messi, they are just a class act and I think that they will do it. I defiantly want them to do it as I don’t think I can take these bloody Manc’s winning Europe’s greatest prize again their fans have grown far too loud and fans I never even knew knew what a football field looked like are passing comments, on shame poor Arsenal, I for one don’t need their pity so come on Barca.
Keep the Faith....

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