Who's in and who's out?

So I wrote a few posts Ago that Arsenal were moving for Benzema, and again we hear it, this makes me excited, also there is the chance of Arsenal moving for Mario Götze…. Although us Gooners I might get peed off because he is another 18 year old and Arsenal need men not children, he is a winder kid, and for lack of a better example he has been the ‘Jack Wilshere of Borussia Dortmund’ this season.

Positive news, this is what I bloody need, there hasn’t really been any this season, with all that disappointment. Arsenal have had their trials however there are signs for next season of improvement and I suppose when we are told to keep the faith, instead of looking back at our invincible days we can look forward. Arsenal are rumoured to have a “war chest” of 60 million, I’ve heard this before though and really comes down to whether we spend it or if it is just a clever way the board is trying to keep fans happy.

It is rumoured that Clichy is on his way out of Arsenal, with Real Madrid and Liverpool interested, as he feels it is time to move on. I will be sad to see the Cliche go and I know my dad will as well. Arshavin could be on his way out back to Russia, although the little Russian has not performed this year, these could just be rumours, but if we replaced him with someone good, I would let him go. And of course there is Cesc Fabregas, probably leaving even though Wenger said he is going nowhere and even though Barcelona have claimed they do not want him anymore, I think they are just playing mind games to drop the asking price. Also Arsenal need to get rid of Rosicky, Denilson, Almunia, these three are……Crap plain  and simple (Drift Wood) they add nothing to the team and need to be removed to make space for fresh blood.

The reason I don’t say Squillaci is because he is at the end of his career and he is quite happy to be a back up back up defender, and Arsenal need depth in the squad. I have not said Eboue either because he is much the same, does not mind hugging that bench, but more to the point I think the players are all fond of him and in a way he is sort of a Team cheerleader, you watch him next time on the bench as he comforts and cheers players coming off and on.

In the next post I will be looking at my Ideal Arsenal side for next season and who we should buy to replace these players, if and hopefully for some of them when they go. 

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