Football 101’s Player of the Season

Samir Nasri is Football 101’s Player of the Season, it was a close battle between Jack Wilshere and Robin Van Persie, but the little Frenchmen took it on account of how he stepped up to the plate this season and not to mention many amazing performances.

He has been touted the 'new Zinedine Zidane' which is a huge compliment or burden depending on how you look at it. Joining Arsenal in 2008 the player looked good, but never really lived up to all his hype and for his first two seasons he only managed a combined total of 8 league goals.

Enter this Season and Nasri has stepped up to the plate, it has been dubbed the breakthrough season for him, with the absence of Cesc Fabregas Nasri absolutely thrived showing how he relished that central attacking role. His skill and runs were enough to make any football fan stand up and take notice.

With Fabregas away Nasri was able to implement himself as Arsenals play maker and this season saw him in 30 league appearances score his career best 10 goals. These were not your average goals either, with his slick control, the ball sticks to his feet as though it were a part of him, goals were flying in that made all Gooners cry with joy. He also has such power and strength with his runs and has the ability to single handedly change a game. At 23 he only has room to grow into one of the worlds best, Arsenal better hold to the Frenchmen as he is the Future and vision of Arsene Wenger in one player.

My best moment of his season had to be the Fulham game for me, and although both goals were amazing, the first goal was my pick of Samir's moment of the season.

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