Arsenal What now?

With United defeating the Blues in solid display of BMT football it is evident that Arsenal are a few steps behind, or is it leaps. I still see United's players as individually average, bar a few (Rooney, Vidic, Van der Sar), but what Ferguson is able to do is bring the best out of his players, and no one can deny they play like a team. United Play Barcelona in the Champions league Final on the 28th of May and if Fergie is able to think up a way to defeat Barca, I will have a cry of sadness. I don't think they will though Barcelona are in a league of their own and could to my delight make it look silly.

Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal, my hands held to my face as I feel something in my stomach all to familiar. Arsenal's defense against Stoke, summed up Arsenal's season pretty perfectly. With so much potential and quality it all amounted to nothing, Arsenal need to make a change plain and simply. I can keep the faith one more season and I believe if Arsenal buy players in the summer and Wenger catches a wake up then we have the chance to propel ourselves to glory. The Question is will Arsene Wenger change, we saw Liverpool destroy Fulham away from home last night, and it is evident change has woken a sleeping giant in Liverpool. Arsenal like the pool need to buy players of class, in my eye it is Radamel Falcao, the Porto man is on fire and we need players who know how to finish a team off. Our Midfield is quality and can only grow, but the Drift Wood (click link) all needs to go. Our Defense is any Arsenal fans concern, and Arsenal need to buy Cahill, Jagielka or Mertesacker, plain and simple, without change there can be no hope. Djourou who has had 2 shockers in his last 3 gamesKoscielny has done what he was bought to do, but he was never meant to play the entire, season the guy played French 2 division 2 years ago, he was meant to be a back up defender. We don't need backup players we need Quality.

Stubborn like a statue
Arsene Wenger needs to realise that being stubborn like a statue can do no one any good, he needs to remember that when he had the invincibles he bought quality and not just young quality. Fans are on the verge of burning the place down, but give him one more season, he has given Arsenal Champions League football every season, but now the hunger for trophies needs to be satisfied.  don't want have to turn into one of the those fans that look back on the glory days and mutter to myself, but its all I can do to keep myself going. I have Faith and I can see in many players in Arsenal that their blood is red, we just need to weed out the problems and watch this garden grow into something great. 

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