Nothing But a Win will do...

Man United have just beaten Everton 1-0 with a goal in the last ten minutes, typical United, Everton were so close, but a defensive lapse allowed that little Mexican in to head in yet another one.

Bloody Mexican 
So what this means as I am sure you all know is that nothing, but a win for Arsenal and Chelsea for that matter will keep them in the title race. Arsenal need to beat Bolton as next week we Entertain United and they will be no easy task. Arsenal it is your last time to prove yourselves this season otherwise it is defiantly done.

On a lighter note West Brom have just scored against Spurs (haha) Arsenal loanee with a beautiful ball to Odemwingie who netted it. This would be lovely, imagine Liverpool finished 5th and Spurs didn't even get Europa, that would be great. Still a long way in the match to go though.

Take a look at this classic Pepsi Advert of the worlds most well paid footballer....this is 100% true

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  1. Pityful young man, pityful. Not only does your life smack of a lack of focus, but also a past history of a misguided, nay, brainwashed childhood instilled no doubt by an Armchair Striker of 'Kooslike' origins, pattering around in his woolen jumper and knee high socks, muttering about the state of the team, reliving the glorious past rather than facing the dismal present and the uncertain future.

    The only worthwhile comment in your rantings was the one regarding the 'bigger team'...

    Defiantly done and 100% true indeed. Get a life. Get a girlfirend. Get some sleep...