Choas at the el clasico

Jose Mourinho vs Pep Guardiola, something that has been on the mind of football lovers everywhere. Last night saw the two square off again in yet another el clasico, this tie it being the first leg of the champions league semi final at the Bernabeu. Real coming off the victory in the cup final in the last meeting between the two were breaming with confidence. On top of this Mourinho, finally had a break threw in his war of mind games with Guardiola, which saw the Spaniard lose his cool and actually swear twice on live television (makes Rooney's ban look pointless now), it seems he finally had cracked, but he did say Jose was the master of words and the press conference and that he would just let his players do the talking on the football field.

So what happened, well what didn't, it was sheer madness out there, first half I have to say was bloody boring and every foul saw a Barca player falling and rolling around, like for lack of a better example "Nani". It was shocking to watch. just before half time there was an off the ball incident were Arbeloa seemed to elbow Busquets. This lit the fuse and it was only a matter of time till shit hit the fan.....and as the half time whistle went so it did, the clown Pinto slapped Arbeloa to earn himself a Red card having not even played a second of football, haha it was ridiculous to see the Barca players have no regard for football.

Second half Real came out looking postive and on the attack, but this soon ended when, Pepe showed his studs in a challenge and Alves(worlds worst person) made the most of it by being carried off in a stretcher. Players should really be cited for this play acting, it was useless, yes his studs were showing, but I would never have given a red card. Alves is a Idiot and the Barca players surrounding the ref was pathetic. Mourinho was right the ref was influenced and made a shocker, for his protests he was sent off to the stands as well a poor game so far.

Then enter Affelay who crossed a beaut into who else but Messi to give Barcelona an away goal, and a few minutes later Messi the worlds greatest player made a run to make football lovers cry with joy. cut through there whole defense, running with such pace and strength to put the ball in the back of the net, beautiful..

So in the end football did rear his head and we were witness to some exciting stuff, Barca shut Mourinho up and Pep will be happy about that. Two away goals are certainly too much for Real to handle, but we never know in football thats what makes the game so great. I was disappointing with the way Barca players behaved and hopefully the ref will get a handle on things next time, but I cannot wait to see what happens.

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