Jack Jack Shine your light…..

You know what this is a Tribute to the man who I think should not only win young player of the year, but be a massive contender for player of the year….It has to be said why the hell not. I raise my glass to the Jack a boy who has played like a man. 

When Arsenal fans look back on their season and think, our players just lost heart and did not push, the complete opposite can be said about Jack Wilshere, the boy, nay the man wears his heart on his sleeve and you can see he love Arsenal and playing football, Jack has made 28 appearances in the league this year and has showed no signs of slowing down. His ability to stay calm under pressure has seen him display skill beyond his years. This was evident with Messi’s compliments that were given to the Jack after the Barca first leg. Arsenal fans have never been disappointed with this man this season and even if his performance slipped he always still gives 200% percent which any fan can appreciate. His drives forward and tracks back, tackling and dribbling and not to mention that pass that splits defences. 

I defiantly believe that as he gains seniority in the team he will become a dominant voice in the dressing room and be the inspiration of his Gunner generation. 

So raise your glass Gooners to The Jack and let’s bring that trophy home….

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