Fergie takes on the Professor

So its Manchester United vs Arsenal meeting in the FA Cup quarter final at Old Trafford Tomorrow.

We all remember this from last time when Park closed his eyes and caught a deflection that luckily went into the net to give Manu the victory last time the two sides met. It was the worst way to lose as it was not even a real goal, more so Manu had grown their grass to hamper our beautiful playing style so their grass looked something out the Amazon rain forest

Not this time though Van Persie is fit and will be fired up from that ‘crock of shit’ sending off, At his pre-match media briefing on Thursday, Wenger revealed Van Persie suffered no ill-effects of the knee injury he picked up in the act of scoring in the Carling Cup Final and will be available for the trip to Old Trafford.
Also Wilshere with his fine form will make easy work of Carrick and Fletcher. The real threat for Arsenal is that Ogre Shrek or Rooney as he is known by the world, he has a habit of scoring against Arsenal, and if I can quote a Manc I know, “And here’s holding thumbs that Rooney can pull his finger out…” Let’s hope for our sake that it stays firmly wedged in there.
With Man united coming off the back of two consecutive league defeats the mighty Gunners are at the door and will want to take advantage of this and hit them while they are down. I for one am praying that they are going through what Chelsea went through this season and only recently are pulling themselves out of, wouldn’t that be great. Arsenal need silverware after that bloody loss to Birmingham, who I hope are relegated, and I they better get over this choke mentality that saw us draw to Sunderland.
Ok so for me the game will be decided in the midfield, so if Rosicky does not play we got this waxed…..I would rather have 10 men on the field than him. So my ideal 11 would be.   
                                               Van Persie
Arshavin                 Diaby                               Wilshere         Bendtner (not likely)
Clichy                   Koscielny                            Djourou        Sagna

Don’t think that will be the side though, but Carrick and Fletcher have no chance against a midfield like that, could even throw Denilson into the mix for extra protection.
So my prediction is a 1-2 scoreline to Arsenal and United Woes continued, well lets keep the faith.

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